Jonas Michilot is a creative dude. I imagine if he was born in a different time, or place he’d be a full-time artist of some sort. But, he was born in Minnesota in the late-eighties and took to snowboarding early on, so, that’s what he does.

Some day, something else. Maybe photography? He’s got an eye for it. And a love. He carries cameras with him everywhere he goes. He’s always looking for a photo. Here’s some he saw.

Name: Jonas Michilot
Age: 20
Hometown: Bloomington, MN
Sponsors: Academy, Vans, Airblaster, Cal Surf

When did you start shooting photos?

I’ve always liked taking pictures, but I started collecting cameras, and shooting more about 2 years ago.

What kinds of cameras do you use?

Mostly old film cameras, polaroids, and medium format stuff. Anything that I can get my hands on. No memory cards please.

Do you have any formal training in photography?

No, I had a photo class in high school, but I’ve just been trying to teach myself.. i have lots to learn still.

Why do you shoot photos?

Just for fun. I don’t think I would really be into it as much if I used digital stuff, because half the fun for me, is the process of getting the film developed and scanned in. It’s always a little different than you visualize it, and there’s so many different types of film to experiment with.

What other creative outlets do you have?

Singing in the opera, gymnastics, and football… i wish… but I do like drawing, juggling a soccerball with a big group of friends, sidewalk chalk, and just being outside.

A lot of snowboarders are also artists of some sort, whether it’s drawing, painting, photography,  or music. Why do you think so many snowboarders are such creative heads? Do you see a connection between snowboarding and art?

Yeah, why not.. I feel like people who snowboard are a little different, and kind of have to be creative. It’s not your ordinary thing to be into. So there’s definitely a link between the two, you just have to find your jam.

Which photographers do you admire?

I was always into mark kohlman. Nick (dirks) is really into taking photos too, and he can snap a cool photo if you ask me. Liam of course, and anyone who busts out a film camera once in a while.

Finish this sentence: A photo is……. hard to make look as good as the real deal, but sometimes, you get some cool surprises.