How old are you?


I don’t know if your familiar with the belief that some aboriginal tribes hold its the concept that a photo steals a part of your soul. What are your thoughts on that considering you’re a photographer?

It’s true watch out. That’s the real deal.

Where are you and what are you doing?

I’m living on cape cod through October then back to Carlsbad, California for the base in the winter.

Who were you shooting with this year?

I shot mostly with the Forum crew. But I was also out with the Jackson bro’s a bit as always.

Since you are now staff photographer for Forum Snowboards, how is it working with the infamous Sean Kearns?

He’ll meet you, rip you apart, and make or break you. Earlier this year in NZ, first trip of the season, first time meeting Kearns, I asked him some dumb ass question. Once the question was asked, my soul was ripped out of me and shredded to pieces. It was gnarly, I was almost over it that first day, thinking, “Damn this year is gonna be a long one”. Then I went on a surf trip with him, and it worked out. I realized its all good, and it just made my skin thicker, dealing with it. Kearns to me is part of snowboarding, he has been there since close to day one of it and has a lot of knowledge. He produces classics. Kearns is the shit.

What’s it like to be a global traveler and European playboy?

Haha … I don’t believe you’re a global traveler until you have traveled to each continent. So I still have three to complete (South America, Africa and Antarctica). But having the chance to travel, is amazing, and will never be taken advantage of. It’s the best real world way to learn about life. And the European playboy, haha yea right. There are for sure some chicks along the way. But the true global playboy is Shayne Pospisil, that sandy kid is ridiculous.

How do you keep yourself busy on the long flights and driving days?

Well I used to be able to sleep, chill or read and pull pranks. But these days with digital, all my extra time is spent on the lame ass computer editing and processing files. Its lame.

Your based out of Tahoe now, who are you living with?

I was based out of Tahoe, living with the kid (Travis Kennedy), Jake Blauvelt and Grymy Tyme (Mitch Reed). It was a funny crew for sure. The kid, Jake, and I all kinda grew up shredding and shooting together outta Vermont, so its rad that we’re still are able to shoot together all the time.

What was your best day riding and shooting this season?

Hmmm … riding was some day in Whistler in the middle of the season. When nothing was working out, and the whole crew was getting frustrated since it was a bluebird pow day in Whistler (rare). So Kearns said, screw it, lets go shuttle up this open face and take runs. It was dope. Best day shooting … that’s a tough one, too many to cut down to one.

Your summer plans?

Hang out with friends, work construction, paint houses, surf, and relax.

Have you been doing any work outside of snowboarding?

I’ve done a little bit, hopefully more soon. I recently shot the US Lacrosse team for STX lacrosse company. This year I’ll be doing lot of work with Nike 6.0 as well.

When was the last time someone took a picture of you?

Last night at party.

Top five movies:

1. True Life
2. Separate Volume
3. Fight Club
4. Old School
5. Magnoplasem

Top five bands:

1. Sublime
2. Niyorah
3. Led Zep’
4. Slightly Stoopid
5. A tribe Called Quest Top five photographers:

1. Kevin Zacher
2. Arnold Newman
3. Dustin Humphrey
4. Steve Sherman
5. Embry Rucker

Words to live by?

“You only live once, do it.