Amsterdam/Seattle – 04 September 2014:

The crew at Low Pressure Studio announced that they have moved 100% of BATALEON and LOBSTER snowboard production back to Europe. Two seasons ago all production was at the ELAN factory, but due to closure of that facility they were forced to move 50% of their snowboard production to Asia.

"It's been a tough two seasons and moving production isn't to be taken lightly. It feels very good to have all our snowboards made in Austria again and to have a solid long term production partner who has the same expectations on service, quality and progression that we do. We know the crew at CAPiTA MFG very well. We know that they really care about snowboarding and their new structure gives us a lot of confidence," says Dennis Dusseldorp – Director at LowPressureStudio

Despite the fact that 50% of the models have been sampled in Asia, LowPressureStudio decided that their serial production will be 100% European made at CAPiTA MFG.

"Bataleon and Lobster are interesting and unafraid. We recognize their creative contributions to snowboarding, and look forward to building world class snowboards for them in the years ahead." – Blue Montgomery – President, CAPiTA MFG

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