Mount Baker Step-Up Session

Words and Photos by Liam Gallagher

Got to be a part of the Mt. Baker Step-Up session last week. Just happend to be in the NW for a homies wedding. Luckily wedding was on Saturday, and the session was on Friday. So…rallied up to Bellingham Thursday night, saw some old friends, sipped on a few, stayed up too late, but got up early and headed up to Baker Pat, Burtner and a couple old friends from Montana.

Everything’s green in Northwest Washington right now. And the sun was out. Couldn’t have planned it better. Got real lucky.

The day was good. Some building, some beers, and bbq-ing. Lots of heads in attendance. Maybe 20 or so. Everyone just hiking and hitting that massive wedge, taking breaks to lay around like lizards in the snow, soaking up the first sun of the spring. Still a shit load of snow up at Baker.

Go get some. You can camp in the upper lot and hike right from there. Plenty of slush to slash. And jumps to build. Sure the step-up’s still there. And good to go. Just watch out for wet slides. We saw one come down. It rumbled like thunder and settled like cement.

Mid-May and still shredding….so stoked!!!!

Jesse Burtner breaking off some step-up history…