Backside Lipslides With Josh Sherman

Josh Sherman. Photo: Chris Wellhausen

Locking In Backlips

Josh Sherman shows you how to keep your backside lipslides locked in and looking good on C-boxes.

Backside lipslides on C-boxes are easier than they look. If you can consistently lock into backlips on flat boxes and rails, taking it to a curved box should be a snap. The toughest part is the first half of the box; if you make it to the apex and are still locked in, the second half of the slide should be a breeze. Trust your ability, completely commit, expect to get bucked a couple times, keep at it, and before you know it you'll be doing backlips on your local park's C-box like our homeboy Josh Sherman here.

1. Before you take the backlip to a C-box, you'll want to have this trick dialed on a flat box or rail. Get comfortable with the motion of the backside lipslide because the C-box is sure to challenge your ability to lock in.

2. Approach the C-box flat-based and from the left if you're a goofy-footer, or on the right if you ride regular. Ride into this trick parallel to the box--too much angle will make it harder to keep your momentum traveling with the curve of the box.

3. Ollie enough to avoid catching your nose, but not too much as to end up slamming down onto the C-box, just ease up onto it. Turn your board 90 degrees and assume the frontside posture.

4. As you're sliding keep your base flat on the box and put your weight on your front leg while straightening out your back leg. Also try dropping your lead shoulder a little--this will help keep you locked into the box. As with any backlip, you want to be looking over your leading shoulder through the entire slide.

5. The toughest part of this trick is keeping locked in with the curve of the box. You have to really commit to it, but keep in mind once you reach the top of the C, the second half of the slide will come more easily. So just aim at the apex and feel your way through the end.

6. As you near the end of the box, notice where you need to pop off and start to square your shoulders up so you can ride away regular. Stomp it, ride away, and keep practicing because backside lipslides can always use some fine-tuning, especially on C-boxes.

"Remember to work your way up to this stuff, start from the bottom--progression will come slowly. But you just have to keep trying new tricks every day, and just pushing yourself a tiny bit more every time you go out."


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