Backside 900s with Chas Guldemond

Chas Guldemond. Photo: Chris Wellhausen

Nailing Back Nines

Chas Guldemond walks, or rather spins, you through backside 900s.

The fact that you're reading means you've got it in your head that you want to get a back nine this winter. That's rad and exactly the kind of mindset you need. Determination is what propelled Chuck G two-and-a-half times around and onto these pages of the mag. Read up and go get yours.—L.G.

1. Doubt it needs to be said, but don't even think about trying back nines without having back fives and back sevens locked down.

2. As you approach the lip, make a sweeping set-up turn and transfer your weight onto your toes as you're heading up the jump. Right before you leave the lip, initiate the spin with your shoulders and head. Really throw it.

3. Stay as compact as possible while you're spinning. Grabbing melon should come naturally and will help keep your body quiet while rotating. Add a poke if you're feeling particularly composed, but the most important thing is to concentrate on looking over your shoulder to keep your spin going.

4. As you come around to 720, release your grab, give the landing a look, rotate one more good, clean backside 180, and prepare to put it down. Keep your knees sucked up, and get ready to really bang that landing.

5. Keep in mind as you land that your momentum is going to want to keep you rotating, so as you stomp it, mind your edges, keep your head down and looking forward at the landing and run out. Fight the urge to butter out and ride away fakie.

"My key to spinning is basically keeping my head low and turned and holding my grab as long as possible—that's the only thing that keeps me spinning in the air. I think it'll work for anybody else if they try to grab as long as they can."


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