Backside 540s with Eero Ettala

Eero Ettala. Photo: Chris Wellhausen 


Bringing Around Back Fives

Eero Ettala and Heikki Sorsa show you what it takes to turn out a backside 540.

There're some tricks that are more mandatory than others, and the backside 540 is one such trick. Rare is the rotation that's thrown as frequently and styled out in as many ways as the back five. Just watch the local park jump line any given Saturday and you'll see that the five is indeed a must-have. Heikki and Eero know this and are here to help you figure out how to toss a turn and a half this winter.--L.G.

1. A solid backside three and backside 180 are a must before you go givin' the back five a go. So dial in both, get comfortable spinning backside and landing fakie, and then step to the backside 540.

2. Make a set-up turn as you approach the jump. As you're traveling up the lip, transfer your weight onto your toes, wind up your shoulders a little, and stay low. Right before your board leaves the lip, initiate the spin with your shoulders and head, and pop off your toes.

3. Suck your knees up, grab melon, Indy, or maybe even tail as early as possible, and keep looking over your trailing shoulder.

4. As you come around to 360, take a quick look at the landing to make sure you're getting the sweet spot, and make any necessary adjustments in the last backside 180.

5. At 450 release your grab, lower your legs a little, and prepare to land flat-based. Stomp it, ride away fakie, lap back up, and give 'er another go, 'cause when it comes to back fives there's always room for improvement.

"If you know how to do backside threes, on a backside five you just have to pop a little bit harder."--Heikki Sorsa

“Yeah, and you have to have a little bit more spin off the lip. All the work is actually on the lip, like how fast you're going to start spinning and all that stuff. That's the main part you want to focus on."--Eero Ettala

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