Back From South America

Austin Smith plays all day.

 photo: Andy Wright


I lagged a bit in posting the wrap-up from this adventure to the Andes. Where's the time go? So I pulled out of Argentina just in time to miss a big old dump of a storm. The Nike team brothers and sisters I was rolling with, got another couple days of fun time powder action at Chapelco.  Alone, I rallied back to North America. It was a memorable week; partying with some locals in Villa Angostura, driving for hours through the countryside; shredding Chapelco and hanging in San Martín, a cool little ski town. Overall, the trip to the southern hemisphere was awesome. Lots of snow and lots of laughs. By now, everyone on the trip is back here in southern California, for the big ASR tradeshow week and all the shred movie premiers. It's fun and all; a great party, but nothing compared those silent powder runs through the mossy trees of Argentina's southern Andes. Look for content from the trip in forthcoming issues of the magazine with images by Cole Barash and Transworld Senior Photographer, Andy Wright.