Austin Smith took Rookie of the Year and Video Part of the Year at this year’s Riders Poll Awards. We wanted to see how snowboarding’s newest child-star is handling life after the Rider’s Poll.

So, how was the Rider’s Poll?

Epic, it was my first time to Vegas.

Hell of an occasion for your first trip to Vegas, huh?

Yeah, it was, was that a question?

It was a quick trip for you wasn’t it. How many hours total were you in Vegas?

About 11 hours.

Where’d you come from?

I came form Jackson Hole and nipple deep powder. It was kind of a tough decision, to either stay and slash nipple deep powder or go check out the chip and dale dudes in Vegas.

Why’d you make the call to go?

You only get nominated for rookie of the year once in your life and to get nominated for video part of the year on top of that was super crazy.

How much was that last minute plane ticket?

About two G’s, crazy huh. It was a grand from Jackson to Salt Lake, which is about a 40 minute flight, but it’s a good thing I just signed with Nike huh. (Laughs).

What’d you think of the Rider’s Poll Awards?

Do you mean the bro show? The bro show, fo sho. It was crazy. It was probably what the high school quarterback felt like every day at high school.

Were you a little overwhelmed by it all?

No, I wasn’t overwhelmed, but I was nervous. Yeah I was nervous incase I won, cuz I didn’t know what I was going to say, there was like fifteen hundred people there, wouldn’t you be nervous. I was scared to go up on stage.

What went through your mind when you found out you won?

I blacked out (laughs) and then I woke back up when I was off stage.No, I don’t know, it was just crazy you know, that it really all happened.

At the end of last season did you ever think that everything you filmed would be lead to a video part that was nominated for part of the year?

No, at the start of the year I was just super excited that I got invited to film with MDP People. I was going be siked if I got a half part or something. It was crazy, but my year ended up going really well. I was just in all the right place at the right times. Yeah, I guess I’d say I just had a really lucky year for snow and landing tricks.

Lucky huh? You’re chalking it all up as luck?Yeah, you know it’s just a roll of the dice. (Laughs)

Who did you vote for video part of the year?

Wolle. Yeah, he’s the future of snowboarding. People are always asking what’s the future of snowboarding, or where is snowboarding headed and how can it progress. Wolle is the future, he’s doing what’s next.

And now you’re back in Jackson Hole for the competition, how’s it been?

It’s been good, like I said, nipple deep pow, it hasn’t been optimal conditions for a contest though, there’s almost too much pow. But the contest is good, it’s the first of it’s kind and it won’t be the last.

Anything else you want to add?

Thanks to Transworld, thanks to the people that voted and we should all be thankful that it is actually snowing this year.