(September 7, 2007)-We’ve been lagging—we’re already two days into movie viewing bliss. The session started at the Oakley Headquarters in Orange County on Wednesday night (September 5, 2007) for the premieres of MDP-People We’re People Too and Mack Dawg’s Picture This. It was also the official kick off of the ASR party week, but really, we’re just in it for the movies … and the brofest. The word on the street is that the People crew have outdone themselves. We’re staying light on reviews here, but we’ll give away that Jordan Mendenhall got the opener and Austin Smith lived up to his hype with a bangin’ ender part. Unreal!

Picture This headlined the night and blew everyone away with the HD images. It was like watching an Imax movie. I caught myself looking around the screen—over there, up there …. Wille-Yli Louma’s Alaskan descent was like watching a 3-D movie. HD exceeded expectations. Who got the ender? Who else but Jeremy Jones, but he shared the end of the ender with JP Walker. Is there a story there? You bet, but we’ll save it for Tiny Type.

Thursday night was a double-header with Chad Otterstrom and crew unveiling Keep Talkin’/Under Par and The Constant Struggle by Kyle Clancy’s Mongo Pro’s at the filled to capacity San Diego Sports Club Bar. Baseball sub snowboarding! The highlights other than the good time vibe and crowd were definitely Jonas Michelot’s opener in Under Par—it’ll keep you hittin’ the rewind button to decipher his rail combos, and Scotty Lago’s ender in The Constant Struggle. Lago had an epic winter which is visible in his massive photo stockpile here at TWS and his part in this vid.

On the north end of San Diego County, up in sleepy Encinitas, Absinthe’s Optimistic? had its debut. It must have lit a match under people, because the night ended in straight debauchery … or maybe it was all those super strong drinks at the Saloon. Either way, the movie featured Alaskan lines courtesy of Nicolas Muller, Danny Davis, and Wastell. Justin Bennee and Matty Ryan added some serious street flavor in, while Mikey LeBlanc cracked the audience up with his new sport … tobogganing. MFM can add another notch on his belt with this part–and a funny intro.

What’s left? La la Land boat party/premiere and Standard Films Catch The Vapors at Spreckles (what would an ASR be without a Spreckles premiere), and the Rome Any Means Tijuana premiere (we dare you to go). The Rider’s Poll has been moved back to its home in Vegas during SIA, so you’ll have to wait for that. No worries, we’ve been partying at or above Rider’s Poll levels already.

The movies are shipping as we speak. Order them online right here at now!

Friday, September 7, 9:00 p.m.
la la Land/Runway Films
The Inspirtation, San Diego

Friday, Sept 7, 7:00 p.m.
Catch The Vapors/Standard Films
Spreckles Theatre, San Diego

Saturday, September 8, 9:30
Any Means/Rome Snowboards
Tijuana, Mexico