A.S.R. is a kick in the A.S.S.

Through all the shakas and bullshit that goes down during the ASR tradeshow there is one shining light at the end of the tunnel—movie premiers. Getting to see all the stunts that all those pro-boardin’ guys and girls put to film over the year. Some of the tricks you’ve seen, and others only heard about. All put up on the screen bigger than life. Few were anticipated more than Kingpins new release “Back In Black.

The crowd came thirsty polishing off four kegs of beer in a half hour. This probably had something to do most folks double, and triple fisting the plastic cups as if they were made of gold. Once the show kicked on, it was non-stop action till the credits. People were yelling and screaming for every part like it was mandatory. I’m not going to tell you who did what or who got the best part, ’cause that would ruin it when its your turn to see it. Just know that Jeffe’ Anderson’s part it a testament to what an amazing person he was, Scotty Wittlake’s part is nothing short of head scratching and Marc Frank ain’t serious.