Ask The Frends

Good Frends. PHOTO: Kevin Zacher

Mammoth is open—shred season is on and the contest circuit is sill a month away (starting with the 70,000 person crowd at the Tokyo Dome), but right now it’s all about shredding with your Frends … and celebrating 21st birthdays—happy birthday Kevin and Scotty—go wild!

This column is your direct line to Danny Davis, Kevin Pearce, Mason Aguirre. Scotty Lago, Luke Mitrani, Jack Mitrani, and Keir Dillon.You can ask them anything—how to deal with pre-contest jitters, how to tune your equipment for specific obstacles, where to go in Japan/Europe/New Zealand (anywhere), where’s the best place to watch the action at the U.S. Open … or any other contest for that matter—they’ve been there and done that.

Hit us in the comment section below with your questions for the Frends (or e-mail us at Do it now, and see your question answered in the next issue.