Have a question about extreme riding or what it’s like to ride some of the most insane terrain in Europe or the rest of the world? Curious about topless women on the beaches of France? Then Axel Pauporté is the guy with the answers.

In 1999 Axel won the 1999 Kind of the Hill in Valdez, Alaska and in 2000 he took the title at the Red Bull Xtreme in Verbier, Switzerland.

Axel Pauporté is 28 years old and has been riding for 10 years. Raised in Brussels, Belgium, he now resides in France. He spends the winter in the Alps and the summer near the ocean.

“I’ve just been riding as much as I could for the last couple years with other riders that have a good experience of the mountains, to try to gain more and more experience myself,” he says, ” Because I think that’s what counts out there.”

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