Met up with those Ashbury bros at Bear on last week. A bunch of ’em rolled down to So Cal to get some before the Ashbury demo at Bear. It was a real Spring Break 09 vibe. We all flopped at Desiree Melancon’s place. Felt like a gypsy camp, every one living out of their respective board bags. All of which eventually exploded, pouring plaid and paisley-patterned fabrics everywhere.

The living was easy. Up late-ish, to let it soften up, eat, maybe skate some flatground, try to stretch, try to get everyone going at the same time, pile into cars, head to the mountain, and then hot-lap ’till the legs went. It was hot and sunny all day. Typical Bear: more features than you can keep up with and gangs of fools following each other at break neck speeds down the mountain.

And with almost everyone armed with a digi-cam there was a lot of blogging going on.

Expect to see some edits from the week…soon, they’re still to come..check back here…

But ’till then…here’s stills of some of the boarding that went down…


And some sequences…


And here’s a shred edit from Jake Kuyzk

And another from Larry Penguin

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