Art Attack: Corey Smith

Art Attack with Corey Smith

What is an average day like for Corey Smith?

I try to make every day different and special.  I'm conducting a series of social experiments commonly referred to as "life".  I usually wake up; open my eyes, and breathe.  It feels wonderful and I highly recommend it. I ritually walk my Greyhound genius around the block. Coffee, cigs, and girls with skinny arms are also necessary.

How has snowboarding affected/ influenced your art? Has it opened up opportunities outside of snowboarding?

Yeah, it's been a great ride. I've gained so much inspiration from traveling and meeting people from all over.  It was difficult to graduate college while I was snowboarding and filming but I made it.

Talk a little about where you are at artistically at this point in your life?

It's hard to tell.  Everyday a new pop culture development represents the official arrival of the apocalypse.  Each week brings an exciting new richness of embarassments. I anticipate a world where no one has to think, learn, have talent, or be responsible for their actions.

Do you always create your art alone or do you collaborate with other artists?
I usually create alone but I would love to collaborate with other artists.

Your photography depicts a dark disturbing side of excessive consumption. What are you attempting to express with these images?

Art imitates life, but life can imitate art as well.  It's a fucked up world and I just happen to live in it.  I photographed what I was surrounded by in the dark, disturbing, wild little city of Portland, OR.

What advice would you give young artists who have dreams of making it in the snowboard industry?

Start drawing cute characters or vapid graffiti style garbage.  Think of things that have no meaning or cultural consequence.  Draw stuff that would look good on the side of a shoe or a cell phone cover.  And lastly I discourage freethinking, never ever be original or controversial.  It's simply not marketable.

Capita seems to be very much an art driven company. Do you feel that that is a product of the artists themselves or the direction Blue has for his brand?

Capita started as more of an art project than a snowboard company.  Blue has to constantly determine the fine line between allowing Capita artists total creative freedom, and what will "sell" in the increasingly conservative snowboard market.  Sometimes I can't believe the things we've gotten away with.  He could easily curate art shows for galleries in another life.

What artists past or present are you feeling right now?
Elizabeth Huey and Nan Goldin are my favorites. I'm really only interested in the female voice in art and music these days.  Men have already said everything so step it up ladies.

You have been getting a lot of support from Ambiguous as of late. What is your job description there?
Resident Artist and Director of interns would be my job description.  I also send free clothes to snow sliders, skate slashers, and other kindred free spirits.

What would you rather be remembered for at the end of the day, your art or your snowboarding?
I would like to be remembered for my singing voice.

Finally, where can we check you out?

You can hit me up on the myspace.

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