Kassman trimming the hedges. PHOTO: Andy Wright

I swear we are on a snowboard trip. In fact the entire crew I'm with traveled from North America all the way down here to South America to snowboard. Yes, Argentina… many thousands of miles we went, spanning a continent, to end up where it's winter in August. The thing that has really been f—cking us up though, is that it rained for the first three days of the trip. Fools get a little stir crazy from this. Thirsty. There's not a whole lot to report when you've got a big gang of pro snowboarders sitting around. Oh, the farts smell great; the conversation is lively, sure. So that is why I haven't spit much commentary.

We spent a restless couple days in Cerro Bayo, watching it rain. This is we: Annie Boulanger, Danny Kass, Austin Smith, Louie Vito, Justin Bennee, and Eric Jackson. We've also got quite the support crew. The inimitable Bobby Meeks is head babysitter and for media there are photographers Cole Barash and Andy Wright. And there is also Jess Gibson carrying a large bag of video gear. Yes, the group is huge. Can you say Gong Show?

Last night we made a run from Cerro Bayo to escape the rain over a hundred kilometers on rutted dirt roads to San Martín de los Andes, home of Chapelco resort. And HOT DAMN, we finally went up to the hill today. At long last, the trip is really underway. The weather was still pretty much complete shite today, but at least we were out whipping through the trees and slashing chowder. So yeah, it's all about tomorrow now; big plans brewing. So far I have seen almost an entire cow eaten in 3 days. Last night Shin Campos began mooing in his sleep from a meatmare induced by several pounds of beef and venison he's digested in the last day or so. Bobby Meeks ate the black sausage, E-Jack has been killing Hennessey and sirloin. Today, as we hiked around scoping in the flat light, everyone had the meat sweats. Argentina is meat capitol of the universe. As a vegetarian, I am just clogging my carcass with cheese. Then flushing it with coffee. Really, these are details not worth sharing. But from a lonely hotel room thousands of miles away, I can't resist. But for real, things are on the upswing now. We're gonna freakin' schralp. Stay tuned. And maybe I can even get Andy & Cole to give up some decent photos in the next few days so you aren't just stuck with my sad crap.

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