Around the World in 30 Days with Nick Dirks

Nick Dirks has been getting around a lot lately. He circumnavigated the globe in about 30 days. Started in SLC, flew to Vegas for a debaucherous warm up at SIA. He doesn’t remember much of that leg of the trip, but knows that’s where he caught a flight to Munich, Germany. Once there he indulged in tubed meats, big mugs of beer and even ended up at a brothel. Accidently, he claims. He bought a hoodie and some “pointy-ass Euro” shoes at the airport and high-tailed it to Lebanon.

You’ll learn more about this stop on the world-tour next winter, when the feature comes out in the mag. And believe you me, his time in Lebanon will be worth reading about. Ever heard of Hezbollah? Nick met ’em.

Serious shit. And lots of shredding.

After the middle east it was on to South Korea for two days. He didn’t have much to say about Korea. He got sick from some sketchy food and it sounds like he blacked out most of the experience.

He came to in Japan while riding dick-deep pow with all his homies.

Some kinda life.

But for all the highs, there are always lows.

Here’s the best and worst of world travel according to Nick:

Best Meal: Armenian dinner of raw meat our last night in Lebanon.

Worst meal: Country fried pork with raw egg, which led to food poisoning.

Best pow: Hokkaido.

Worst hangover: Germany, the night of the fly bar. Jarad's first dick flick.

Best in-flight entertainment: On my flight home from Tokyo, I purchased a hand held Donkey Kong game.

Worst slam: In Germany, at the rail jam, they thought it might be a good idea to put vegetable oil on the rails.

Best find: Ultra Man action figurines at a thrift store on the way to Tokyo.

Worst purchase: These pointy euro shoes I got at the Munich airport.

Best Line: "You want to fek?" A cab driver describing a “club” to us in Munich.

Worst night's sleep: The first night in Japan. When a fever and food poisoning started to kick in while trying to sleep on a hard wood floor.

Best Photo: Kazu as a street fighter on the ferry to Hokkaido.

Best style: Kazu "jizo", he busted a backie in Hokkaido with none of his own gear.

Worst style: Rodney Mullen look alike in Tokyo. Peep

Worst encounter with the locals: Uh... Meeting Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Best encounter with the locals: At Faraya resort in Lebanon. Johnny and his boys showed us around and supplied Almazas on the house.

Worst Part of the Trip : Getting food poisoning and puking from the rear for about five days.

Best Realization: That foreign food is much better.

Worst realization: That the trip was over and I was headed back to Salt Lake City.

Best…..Month of my life!