Arctic Challenge Results

The Arctic Challenge has always been a session more than a contest. Riders are judged by their peers (the other best riders in the world) in halfpipe and on the quarterpipe. Oakley continues to offer a 25,000-dollar gold watch (the Time Bomb) to the rider who breaks the ten-meter (32.8 feet) mark on the quarter. Heikki Sorsa got closest, reaching 9.3 meters (30.5 feet) in 2001. Our bet-it’ll be taken next spring.


No judging.


Halfpipe: Terje, Gian Simmen, Ingemar Backman

Quarterpipe: Romain De Marchi (Overall and Best Trick), Terje (Highest Air)


Halfpipe: Shaun White, Terje, Danny Kass

Quarterpipe: Gian Simmen (Overall and Best Trick), Heikki Sorsa (Highest Air)


Event cancelled


Slopestyle: Shaun White, Heikki Sorsa, Nate Sheehan

Halfpipe: Shaun White (Best Run), Gian Simmen (Highest Air), Marius Otterstad (Best Trick), Halvor Lunn (Best Entry)

Quarterpipe: Travis Rice (Overall), Terje (Best Trick and Highest Air)


Halfpipe: Andy Finch, Steve Fisher, Risto Mattila

Quarterpipe: Travis Rice (Overall and Best Trick), Andy Finch (Highest Air)