Well after an eventful Friday TAC Quarter pipe qualifier session where the sun came out for the first time all week and Terje put on a little show breaking the world record for highest air on a Quarter Pipe (with a 9.8 meter backside 360) it was back to a normal Snowboard Contest day. For the finals an actual crowd turned up to watch which was cool, after an empty area all week I started to wonder if anyone in Norway cared. With the crowd came the shit weather, which didn’t keep peoples spirits down and there was lots of liquid sunshine being had by the fans. It was warm but kind of snowing/raining but the riders are all pro and they all know how to heat it up on contest day no matter what the conditions. Check the photos for highlights and results below.

1st Kevin Pearce
2nd Henning Marthinsen
3rd Pat Moore
4th Kim Rune Hansen
5th Terje Haakonsen
6th Jake Blauvelt
7th Steve Fisher
8th Danny Davis

Best trick: Pat Moore

Highest Air (In Finals): Jake Blauvelt