Photo Andy Wright

This is not an introduction, Andreas Wiig doesn't need one.

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What are you doing this winter?

It's kind of all up in the air right now, but I'm definitely trying to ride as much as I can and have a lot of fun. It's going to be in some more contests this year since I'm doing all the Dew Tour contests. I will film a bunch of webisodes throughout the season, as well. But as far as filming, it's not decided yet.

What do you need to do to push things—to step it up a notch for yourself?

First of all, I need to stay healthy. I just bruised my ankle a couple of days ago, so I have to chill on the couch for a bit now … I get some time to think about some new things to do on my snowboard now and when I'm back in business, it's time to see if I can man-up enough. For sure it's important to ride with people who push you and who you have a good time riding with.

Photo Andy Wright

Do you have some sorta new trick up your sleeve?

I don't have any new ones yet, but I've been thinking about a couple. Just waiting for the pow to see if I can give it a try. For sure want to try some kind of a backside double cork this winter.

So you don’t really have plans already lined up?

As far as filming it's not lined up at this point. But I almost have the plan ready. Looks like it's going to be pretty hectic as far as traveling this year because of all the contests. It usually never follows the plan when it comes to traveling, so it's better not to have one. One thing I really want to do is to get a couple of weeks in Europe this winter.

Who do you like to ride with the most?

I really like riding with Torstein Horgmo. He's always super stoked on riding whether it's park or pow. He's a perfectionist when it comes to style and is always fun to watch. Marius Otterstad is always fun to ride with as well.

Do you use any snowboard gear that doesn't have your signature on it?

No, that's totally unacceptable. Ha Ha!

How are you involved in the process of designing your pro model gear?

I usually have the original idea of how I want the final product to be. Throughout the year I have some design meetings with the different brands I ride for. The designers listen to my ideas and thoughts and start to design the product thereafter. It's really cool to follow the whole process of making my pro model stuff. I never even thought I was going to have any.

Photo: Chris Wellhausen

What's it gonna take to win the X Games slopestyle this season?

You definitely have to take some risks and not play it safe. And I think it's important to do something that not everybody else does … Your run has to stand out in some way. But most of all, I think you have to show some confidence in you riding—stomp that shit! This probably sounds like something they would say on Sports Center—Ha ha!

What will it take to get video part of the year next year?

A lot of style and creativity. On top of that, invent some new trick. But it's almost just as important how the video part is put together. If the part makes you wanna leave the living room immediately and go snowboarding, it's usually a good part.

Photo Frode Sandbech

What are you anticipating most for this season?

Long powder days and fun park days with my buddies!

Are you more famous in Norway or the USA?


Where have you been riding early season?

I've been up in Colorado riding Keystone and Breckenridge. It started out really dry, but now it has started dumping.