Andreas Wiig and Marie-France Roy take first in the ASJ Slopestyle.

After a weather-delayed start on Friday, and a long weekend of competing, a lot of riders (and some team managers ... okay, and a couple of magazine editors) were struck with over-it-itis by the time Monday’s Slopestyle event rolled around. Heikki Sorsa was counting down the minutes before he could jump on a plane to Helsinki, while the word “surf hung in the air over groups of riders waiting to drop in up top. The only rider other than the camp staff and coaches that I talked to who plans to keep shredding was Travis Rice, who was unstrapping his snowboard just long enough to get to Mammoth--figures.

Anyway, after the wind died down the contest got going on the Palmer snowfield. Andreas Wiig pulled back to back 9’s on his first run; a frontside 9 to switch backside 9 combo; and on his second run he was seen maneuvering a 270 over the troublesome curved box into a nice 7 over the second jump. I saw Rice pull a front seven to a cab 7 to a rodeo 9 and I heard a conversation about how well Wyatt was riding, but you know how hard it is to watch a slopestyle contest. It gets all stressful because you feel like you’re never in the right place, and you can only see some jumps and rails but not others so you spend the whole event scouting the course for the best vantage point ... or maybe that’s just me.

When the dust finally settled on the snow, it was Chad Otterstrom who rode away with the Volvo V50 Sportswagon 1500 for best overall rider of the second annual Burton Abominable Snowjam. To recap, he got fourth place in the Superpipe ($1500), and his switch backside 7 in the pipe was declared the best trick, which was awarded with a Macintosh PowerBook G4. On the QP, Chad once again stuck the best trick which equaled a Rolex Watch and he combo’d that best trick with the highest air which meant he won a Ski Doo Summit Adrenaline 600 ... not bad for one hit. So, he basically just won a car, a sled, a rolex, and a laptop, and a grip of cash in a weekend. I think Jesse Huffman summed it best: “That’s f–ked up, dude.

Thanks to Burton for the memorable weekend and a valid excuse to get outta the office and shred the glacier, throw some knucks, down a couple Cobra Dogs and Volcano cones, skate the bowls, and rack up a little debt at Charlie’s. Speaking of Charlies:

Men’s Slopestyle Results
1st- Andreas Wiig, $10,000
2nd-“Quiet Wyatt Caldwell, $5,000
3rd- Travis Rice, $2,500
4th- Danny Davis, $1,500
5th- Scotty Lago, $1,000
6th- Kevin Pearce, $500

Best Trick: Nicolas Muller, 720 Japan, Sony HDV Camcorder

Women’s Slopestyle Results
1st- Marie-France Roy, $5,000
2nd- Alexis Waite, $1,200
3rd- Chanelle Sladics, $675

Best Trick: Marie-France Roy, Truckdriver 540, Sony HDV Camcorder