Air & D With Cory Grove

With more and more companies basing them selves out of Port-land these days, it almost seems like people snowboard companies are catching on to actually testing the fruit of their labor and also, well, going snowboarding! Snowboard companies on lasagahoona blvd in Sothern California have always baffled me. Sure it’s easy deciding on a new line in a day while sipping on a venti no whip iced mocha frappuccino but I read on the internet that actually going snowboarding results in better product.

With that M.O. on the top of the list, Airblaster is coming up fast on the sunny So Cal companies by, A) making amazing stuff that works, and, B) going snowboarding and having mucho fun doing what they want.

A-Blasters own Jesse Grandkoski doesn’t hold round table meetings, he calls friends, gives them stuff, and takes them snowboarding. That’s just what he did one fine evening in January. Jesse gives the call to myself and Montana implant, Julia Milan—Night Shred sesh at Mt. Hood Ski Bowl. Low snow level combined with it being the largest night skiing area in North America, it doesn’t get any better for P-Towns own back-yard.

Now to the prody, two words—Ninja Suit. Holy shit, if you have-n’t got one of these, you haven’t lived my friend. I honestly haven’t left this thing since I got in it. Full bodied under-layer, complete with hood and zippers for your #1, and #2 relief. It really is god’s country.

Not just leg bags anymore for the crew, Airblaster is on its way to being a full-scale outerwear company. They are just too damn smart and crafty to not move into the full-scale gear realm. For a start, we tested one of the first heavy pieces still in the development stage. The 4.5—whoioooeeee! This bad boy is sweet, and water proof as a mo-fo. Hands down the best fit of any shell I have put on. Jesse: “I need that jacket back.” Haha, you are a funny s.o.b.

Look for it and other off the rack goodies from these guys. Oh yeah, and for shit’s sake … go snowboarding!