Aesthetiker Jam – Waengl Taengl 2009 Update

Aesthetiker Jam – Waengl Taengl 2009 Update

What a sensational day! Blue bird and perfect snow conditions made the Wängl Tängl Gäng Jam Semi Finals exceptional. If tomorrow's finals in the optimized Vans Penken Park above Mayrhofen deliver the same results as today, everyone will be stoked! The Jack N Cheese Team of Markus Keller, Iouri Podlachikov, Lukas Blaser and Jack Shackelton qualified first with the Ä Team and Pirates Significuntz rolling out third and second place spots. With ten teams lined up for tomorrow, things should heat up.

Steve Gruber front board the surf board. Photo: Alex Papis

In most cases, the riders were holding out the big tricks for the finals. Ten Pro Teams qualified directly for the semi-finals, then the Dräft allocated one member of young bloods to these Pro Teams. The teams consisting of three Pro Riders and one draftee performed together as if it was an often practiced show.

Handplant courtesey of the Beckna. Photo: Alex Papis

Yesterday evening the Äskimo party at the Whitelounge on the Ahorn Mountain high above Mayrhofen was insane and tonight Carhartt presents the Rugged party at the Tristenbach Alm, hopefully it will be just as incredible. Preddy, Danny Breaks and DJ Buzz will definitely take care of the good vibrations.

Due to the weather forecast, it might be necessary to carry out the finals tomorrow. Good weather means finals tomorrow, Thursday, March 19th 2009! Further info check out

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