After one final evening out on the town for the TPS 4 premiere in Jindabyne we made tracks to Falls Creek Australia for the impending Stylewars event. I managed to link up with the president of our TWSNOW video department, Joe Carlino for the journey out here, along with the DC crew of Torstein Horgmo, Jonas Carlson, Kimmy Fasani, Priscilla Levac, Ryan Tiene, photog’ Johnny McCormack, and TM Zack Dalton.

We rolled into town last night around midnight, Checked in to our rooms, and schlepped our many bags up flights and flights of stairs. Carlino and I are sharing a room that is about the size of a prison cell, it’s nice enough and has all the necessary amenities; it’s just really little. Beyond the Frankfurt international airport, I’ve never been to Europe but I’ve heard a lot of comparisons to European ski villages here in Falls. The town is small and compact, and it sits atop the mountain. The lifts are a short jaunt away, and everything you would need is contained here without the need to step foot or a boot inside a car.

Stylewars kicks off tomorrow so today we hit the hill to case the joint. It was sunny and warm, and there is a ton of fun stuff to ride around the mountain. Lots of small hits, rock gaps, taps, and jobs. The course for Stylewars is coming together as well. There’s a triple jump line of mellow sized kickers, a hefty rainbow rail, a few other jib options, a big-ass hip under construction, and a massive 100+ foot kicker. The two monster features seem like they were built to rival the famous features at Hemsedal, Norway, and that they are. They only person hitting the jump today was our buddy Andy Finch from Truckee, California. For his first go he pointed it from the top, just pinning it, and sent a gargantuan straight air about twenty feet past the knuckle—the jump worked, Andy pulled it, and everyone was stoked. Zack and I were sitting on the chair, which had just stopped for Finch’s next drop. He was maching in once again; rode up the huge booter, washed out going for a spin off the lip, hit the lip, and flew about halfway across the flat of the jump and landed flat on his back. It would have destroyed a lesser man, but Finch got up, shook it off, and proceeded to float nasty backside 180s over the kicker a short time later. Finch is the real deal.

The shredding at Falls Creek is sick, and its about to get a whole lot sicker once Stylewars gets underway tomorrow. Talk soon.