Winter and Summer X Games Mctwists. Photos: Adam Moran

Photographer Adam Moran spends a lot time with Shaun White. So of course, lots of tricks and trips go down and Moran does a bang-up job of documenting it all. His work that's most familiar to readers of Transworld is surely his action photography. What with traveling the world to exclusive zones and shoots with Burton team riders and Mr. White, there is never any shortage of numbing action. But in the action he imbues the artistic: cool lighting, unique angles and ever-evolving techniques to make his photos stand out. Moran is not some photo school graduate, he came from within snowboarding and so his perspective is the "rider's eye." Which probably has a lot to do with why he works so well with Shaun; photographically speaking, he knows where to be. But Adam Moran shoots a lot more that most of us rarely see. The life, the times. Here is a taste.

Aug 07: This was Shaun’s third day snowboarding on our trip and he hadn't ridden since the US Open in March. Perfect Cab 9 over the rocks with the helicopter following him filming.

Aug 07: Shaun, Jesse White, Heikki, and our Chilean Distributor. This was probably the sketchiest car ride of any of our lives. We were racing to catch the sunset over these clouds for a shoot. Felipe just passed six cars at once on a sketchy mountain road… uhhh.

Aug 07: Heikki hanging out with one massive rottweiler. He is the biggest and scariest looking dog ever, yet the nicest nonetheless.

Aug 07: The jet lag hit Heikki first and then Shaun and his brother Jesse. I decided to have some fun with it before it hit us and we were all down for the count.

Oct 07: A kid came to an autograph signing with this hat on and Trevor immediately traded his own hat for it. He wore it proudly the rest of the trip!

Oct 07: Everyone heading to the plane our first trip to Korea. Can you tell he’s stoked?

Oct 07: Nicolas Mueller with frontside 3 stale during a demo for a promo event in Matsuyama, Japan.

Oct 07: Aiport power slide in Osaka, Japan. The police quickly came over to shut him down, while Nicolas acted as if he had no idea it was wrong to skate inside.

Nov 07: This determined guy had his friends come bail him out of the hospital so that he could come down to Shaun’s signing. He waited in line for two hours with his IV bag, fully outfitted in his hospital gown. Right after meeting Shaun, his friends rushed him back to the hospital. That’s what I call a devoted fan.

Nov 07: Traveling with this crew is nonstop fun, even in the airport. Blotto showing his ups on a luggage cart, airing over Nicolas skating below, and Jeremy Jones giving props.

Nov 07: Two guys that care about music just as much as snowboarding.

Dec 07: This was right before Christmas when Kevin and I shot for his 3 Days With article in Transworld’s April 08 issue. Kevin and his brothers used to live in this barn at his family’s place in Vermont. Now it’s practically a museum. When they were kids they would steal banners from the US Open and hang them in here; now Kevin is the one who podiums at the competition. Against the wall is his first snowboard, next to the board he rode to win Air and Style.

Jan 08: In Colorado with Danny Davis and Kevin Pearce. It was finally time to get receipts in order after a month on the road. Danny’s exact words: "this is the only part of my life that sucks."

Jan 08: I always wonder how long kids keeps those signatures on their skin. How many weekends can you go without showering?

Jan 08: Keir Dillon watches good friend Kevin Pearce crush it for the win on his final run at the European Open.

Jan 08: In Aspen at the 2008 Winter X Games. This is maybe one of the most stressful moments of the year for some riders — waiting for that hand to drop and take their run with millions of eyes upon them.

Feb 08: While I was dealing with our rental car situation in Kamloops, Canada, JP put our board bags together and fully passed out in the middle of the airport. It was classic.

Feb 08 Shaun White and JP Solberg in the hotel in Revelstoke, Canada. It was Superbowl Sunday, and we were all hanging around for hours waiting for the weather to clear.

Feb 08: After winning the X Games, Shaun was off to Revelstoke, BC to enjoy some quiet time and deep snow.

Feb 08: Mikkel has evolved from a funny little kid to a hilarious dude. Here he is stoking out crazed fans with stickers after winning the Nippon Open Slopestyle. It was Mikkel’s first major win.

March 08: Mikkel can take any move and make it look flawless. It was super windy up at Squaw Valley and we couldn't shoot the jump we built, so we decided to go kill some time. High speed melon carve!

March 08: Shaun and Keir cruising runs together, doing pretty gnarly tricks within a few feet of each other.

March 08: This guy was the forerunner for the Park City World Superpipe Championship. 22-foot pipes scare me every time I drop in; watching him was inspiring.

March 08: Shaun in Park City, about to enter the gauntlet at the World Superpipe Championships.

March 08: Covered in champagne after winning US Open Slopestyle.

March 08: Shaun White and Jake Burton after Shaun’s winning run at the US Open Halfpipe. These are two names that have definitely made their mark on the sport. That’s an understatement.

March 08: After the US Open, Keegan Valaika and I flew back to Montreal to shoot some rails. The day we flew in, the weather warmed up and then froze over with 5 inches of ice to deal with. This was the only shot we got out of those few days. I think the portrait shows how frustrated Keegan was.

April 08: I was in Saas Fe, Switzerland with Frederik Kalbermatten and the weather sucked. We built three jumps that were ready to go, and then waited five days for the ideal combo of snow and sun. We started the morning off on an icy glacier that Freddie wanted to jump off. First trick after five days of waiting, he hit hidden ice under the snow; it cost him seven stitches in the back of his head. Definitely the scariest moment of my year.

April 08: At the end of April I spent a few super fun days in Livigno, Italy with the Burton Euro guys. In comes Marko Grilc, BS 180.

May 08: We were all hanging out at the Mitranis house when Danny decided he was going to take some WWF moves to the truck. He bounced off the hood, rolled across the ground, and really put the vehicle to shame. Check out for the video footage of this truck’s last day!

July 08: What happens when your surfboard fin hits you in the face? I leaned the hard way: ten stitches within a few centimeters of my eye. I got lucky, and still suck at surfing.

August 08: Mctwist during Summer X Games at the Home Depot Center in LA. Photos: Adam Moran