A Real Trip In Argentina

My flight left San Diego two days ago heading to SASS(South American Snow Session) snowboard camp, 48 hours of travel later I made it to Bariloche, Argentina. 2 planes, 10 hours of layover and a 18 hour bus ride, mellow right?

RIDER: Steven Denmark, pulling into the ol’ white room. PHOTO: Ashley Barker

Honestly, the travel was mellow. The bros at SASS set up campers in this rad rock band style, 2 decker tour bus which all the seat recline into beds. They play sweet movies, serve food, juice, and bad boy sodas for the of age campers.

It was super cool, when my bus got into Bariloche(1pm), I was swooped up and taken directly to the resort(Cerro Cathedral) to hit that steep and deep! It had been snowing the 5 days prior to my arrival, the sun was out and none wanted to miss a turn.

RIDER: Ben Baranek, PHOTO: Ashley Barker

RIDER: Cameron Howe PHOTO: Ashley Barker

This camp is insane, its nothing like the normal North American snowboard camps. You come down here and ride real pow, real cliffs and real pow jumps. Right now this session I’m at has about 40 campers and every single one of them are so hyped they cant sit still.

Campers and staff, PHOTO: Ashley Barker

I almost forgot, if you are a meat lover like Andrew Burns this is the place to be. Pretty much you can get anything here with ham and cheese on it, pretty sweet… For more info about everything check out www.sasnowsessions.com