Ever wonder what your favorite shreds get up to when the snow melts? You’d think they’d be doing something mundane like watching Sally Struthers infomercials and trying to lose the winter fifteen. Those glamorous pro snowboard lifestyles can’t last all year round, can they? However, turns out they’re doing stuff like hanging out with movie stars and working on high-profile media projects. With that said, we managed to procure an electronic conversation of sorts between two of the schralp world’s busiest individuals, Lukas Huffman and Jon Cartwright, as Lukas stressed over deadlines on his book/movie project ir77, and Jonny, well, according to the last ranting e-mail we got, was doing this: “Up all night owning shit in French and causing shit in Cannes and totally delirious ’cause I’ve been in a suit all night at this class-ass shit and saw Penelope Cruz at the VIP bar and then hit the beach in shorts for sunrise and beers with speakers and the iPod and now it is like eleven and I’m gonna keep going in my pastel shirt being a f—k ass. Yarghhh!

Lukas: Where are you today?

Jon: The Cannes Film Festival—VIP suiting it up with Awake Films. Tell me something you’re proud of Lukas.

Is that a trick question? I guess I’m proud of keeping pride on the minimal. Where were you yesterday, Jon?

Traveling here. What’s something not too many people know about you, Lukas?

I really like to listen to 95.5 JAMZ when nobody else is in the car. Where will you be tomorrow, Jon?

Living better and larger. What is mustache confidence, Lukas?

A social editing system—the folks who can’t get beyond the mustache don’t go beyond the mustache. What’s the coolest thing that went down on your trip so far, Jon?

It keeps getting better every second. I love my friends—they make it worth it every time. And they buy the beer. Where’s the next good place and the next good time for you, Lukas?

Dude … I will be happy when I’m sitting up to my waist in the river with sun on my back, this book/movie thing of mine in the bag, and fewer furrows on my brow. The happy moments don’t ever last long, though. That’s what fuels the future. Does your trip have anything to do with snowboarding, Jon?

F—k no, Lukas. There’s no snow in Hollywood. Okay, I gotta go sit beside Penelope Cruz tonight and see people who I should admire.