9th Annual Transworld SNOWboarding Rider’s Poll Winners Announced

And the 9th Annual Transworld Rider’s Poll is an official wrap. Dirtbags did their thing like debutantes. Some went home with awards. Others went home with new-found loves, new-found hangovers and everyone went out in style and more inebriated than when they rolled in.

It was a good night, better for some than others.This is who it was really good for ...

Men’s Rookie of the Year: Austin Smith.

Women’s Rookie of the Year: Spencer O’Brien.

Men’s Rider of the Year: Wolle Nyvelt.

Women’s Rider of the Year: Marie-France Roy.

Men’s Video Part of the Year: Austin Smith.

Women’s Video Part of the Year: Marie-France Roy.

Standout Performance of the Year: Terje.

Mens Readers’s Choice: Kevin Pearce.

Womens Reader’s Choice: Marie-France Roy.

So that’s that. Wish you were here. If not, maybe next year. Get in where you fit in and find your way to Sin City and yourself a black wristband, that’ll get you everywhere.

Where now? Some party, somewhere. That’s all the details we’ll give. That’s Vegas, cuz, well ... what happens in Vegas ...