8th Annual TransWorld Riders Poll Awards

TransWorld’s annual Riders’ Poll got going fast. The Dingo and Peter Line stepped onstage with hundreds of peers, industry types, and possibly almost every pro snowboarder looking on--the very same pro riders who had cast their votes in the poll.

Eddie Wall and Alexis Waite presented Rookie of The Year with Eddie setting the record straight, “Rookies are the future of our sport. The future is looking bright, and very Burton, with both Danny Davis and Elena Hight winning. Last year’s Rider Of The Year, Leanne Pelosi, presented Hana Beaman with her glass cube for Rider of The Year. It’s about time! Shaun White flew back from presenting awards at the MTV VMA Awards to make a couple laps up to the stage accepting awards for both Rider Of The Year and Readers’ Choice--the winning streak doesn’t end.

A highlight of the night was the Tranny Award presented by Sal Masakela. This season represents the 20th anniversary of TransWorld SNOWboarding magazine and the award went to the founders of the magazine, Larry Balma and Peggy Cozens. Sal shared his own memories of his start in the industry working the front desk at TransWorld Media answering calls from the likes of Craig Kelly, and Larry shared stories of the late nights and impossible hurdles they overcame in the early years of TWS.

Predictably, the night went downhill from that highpoint. We’re pretty sure we got enough shots for another twenty years of Tiny Type and Yellow Snow. Sorry guys, what happens at the Riders’ Poll doesn’t stay at the Riders’ Poll. Check the slideshow for a peek.

Stay tuned to TransWorld SNOWboarding Magazine and don’t miss the broadcast premiere on Fuel TV--Monday, January 8, 2007 at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT

Huge thanks to this year’s sponsors for their support: Motorola, K2 Snowboards, 686, Vans, New Era, Vail Resorts, Recco, and Mack Dawg.

2006 Rookie Of The Year
Danny Davis and Elena Hight

2006 Rider Of The Year
Shaun White and Hana Beaman

2006 Standout Of The Year
David Benedek

2006 Readers’ Poll
Shaun White and Leanne Pelosi

2006 2006 Tranny Award
Larry Balma and Peggy Cozens