3 RING CIRCUS(High Voltage Productions (Jamie Mosberg)Review

Sponsors: Airwalk, Westbeach, Spy, and TransWorld SNOWboarding magazine.

Riders: Kevin Young, Allan Clark, Trevor Andrews, Devun Walsh, B.J. Leines, Lance Pittman, Babs, Collin Lentz, Chris Brown, Nicolas Droz, Wes Makepeace, Jeff Brushie, Neil Goss, Tina Basich, and others.

Comments: Southern California’s finest gathered Thursday night September 4, 1997 at the La Paloma Theatre in Encinitas, California for the first premiere in the snowboard movie season. It was Jamie Mosberg’s latest work titled “3 Ring Circus.” The movie features the riding stylings of Kevin Young, Trevor Andrews, Todd Richards, Bjorn Leines, and many others. The sound track is moody and quiet and the riding was solid. There were times when I wished the action could have stayed in the frame, and Jamie’s penchant for including a collage of black and white and strangely faded jumpy images can get tiring. But the comedy elements and the inclusion of dozens of painful pile-up made the film fun to watch.