2nd Annual Dirksen Derby

All Photos by Alex Nawrocky

The second annual Dirksen Derby rallied to a finish Sunday thanks to a much anticipated storm that dropped nearly 3 feet of snow on Mt. Bachelor over the past weekend.  The storm not only provided the Northwest riders with enough snowfall to open up the chairs at Mt. Bachelor, but also gave everyone a chance to take their early season frustrations out on a few unsuspecting bamboo gates.

After a long day of shredding pow and rallying turns the riders joined their inspirational friend Tyler Eklund for some punk rock and awards in the lodge.  Special thanks to all of the sponsors who donated to the event.   (Salomon snowboards, Dakine, Bonfire, Scott, Boost Mobile, Trendy Inc., Fuel T.V., Skjersaa’s, Side Effect, Exit Real World, Downtowner sandwiches, Skull Candy, Rebound Physical therapy, and Mt. Bachelor)

2008 Dirksen Derby results:

Mens Snowboard-

1st-Adam Haynes (23.06 seconds)
2nd-Jake “Minibike” Price (23.37 seconds)
3rd- Brandon Luzier (23.5 sec)

Womens Snowboard-

1st-Ashley Thornton (25.10 sec)
2nd-Janna Weatherby (25.59 sec)
3rd- Sally Butler (27.10 sec)


1st-Gabe Ferguson (28.75 sec)
2nd-Kent Callister (29.59 sec)
3rd- Ben Ferguson (29.63 sec)

Token skier division-

1st- Brea Curnutt (24.63 sec)
2nd- Kendall Cook (25.0 sec)
3rd- Jackson Kelleher (25.55 sec)

Sit Ski division

1st- Austin Smith (36.47 sec)