Scotty Arnold. Photo: Ian Ruhter

Spinning 270 To Switch Frontside
Scotty Arnold takes it to a down box and teaches you how to spin a front 270 to switch front board.

This trick is easy. Convince yourself of that. That's priority. Sure, it might be intimidating, but start small, learns the step, first frontside 180s, then front threes, then butter around on some boxes, spin on and off, and get the feel for landing frontside. Keep your mind clear and focused. Practice until you're bruised and beaten, but keep at it and in time you'll get it, and be locking in as effortlessly as Mr. Arnold here. You got this.—L.G.

1. Before you go spinning a front 270, you'll want to have switch frontside boardslides figured out. Try this trick on flatboxes first because both the body movement and locking into a switch frontboard takes practice, and then take it to a down box or rail.

2. Approach the rail at a bit of an angle—from the right if you're regular, or from the left if you ride goofy. You want to be on your heels and carrying enough speed to pop up and onto the box even if you end up scrubbing a little speed as you rotate off the lip. Getting your nose over the rail is crucial.

3. Wind up your shoulders as you're rolling up to the box. Pop off your heels and initiate the spin with your upper body.

4. As you're spinning, keep an eye on the box by looking over your shoulder. As you prepare to put your board down, keep in mind that you'll have to match the angle of the rail or else you'll slide out. Commit to the angle, lean into it, and lock in with the rail between your bindings.

5. Keep your knees bent while you're sliding, and as you near the end of the box, get ready to pop a little ollie and turn to regular. Stomp square on both feet. Ride away, and start scoping for the next rail to two-seven onto.

"When you're learning this trick or any other one, you've got to remember to start small and work your way up. Check out the rail, check out the lip—look at everything before you try it. The slower you work your way up and just get the trick dialed, the easier it's going to be to step to some bigger stuff."

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