2009 USASA Nationals Sealed

Seth Hill blowing through slopestyle open class. Photo: Wendy Turner

While the announcer's spiel droned out barking parents and coaches by day six, Nationals came to a close early this afternoon under warmer conditions and a trace of snowfall. The boardercross course was a bit slower but didn't dent the open classes attempt as they charged for cash and bragging rights. Amy Iredale took the pack for the ladies and Rodger Carver for the men. The slopestyle course saw a slew of age groups as the Ruggie, Grommet, Senior, Master, Legend, Kahuna and Methuselah divisions all took to lapping through the course. Mark Stegall from the men's Legend division (40-49) was stepping things up with corked spins and a clean scraping through the rail garden. Think about that next time you say you're "over the hill." He took first place while Mark Hogan and Oliver Dixon rounded out the second and third.

With just enough body mass to send it over the lips more than three times their size, the Ruggie and Grommet divisions were giving it all they could. Kids were straight hucking like there was no tomorrow, stepping to the big jump line on the course. Darren Mack, Alex Lee and Judd Henkes took the top three spots for the under seven crowd while Kennedy Kurz, Audrey Mcgonagle and Kasidy Nowakowski wrapped things up for the under seven girls. The grom girls saw Wrightwood, California's Maddie Mastro claim first with Taelor Mattingly and Kylee Biedermann taking second and third. Halfpipe champs Gabe Ferguson and Brock Crouch battled it out in slopestyle with Brock landing first and Gabe taking second.

Over at the pipe, the ladies groups took the stage all day as the Menehune, Breaker, Youth, Junior and Women Jams mustered their way to the top and out. The young ladies consistently stomped back to back threes and fives all the way down the pipe. And by the looks of things, Kelly Clark and Torah Bright will face some stiff competition in pretty soon. Everyone was talking about thirteen year old Kirby Kelly from Algonquin, Illinois who stomped a perfect back nine and followed it up a few hits later with a clean back seven. Definitely one to look out for. Awards were long and emotional for parents, but there was no protesting as in years past. Now the minivans are loaded, medals stacked and kids exhausted and sunburned with a story to take back from a week of shredding through the rungs of competition.

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