The clock is ticking—it’s time to check back in on our nominees—a little refresher before the main event. Just a reminder that, with the exception of the Reader’s Choice award which was voted on by all of you, all these nominations are made by the pro snowboarders themselves—a peer vote.



Men's Rider of the Year

A title clinched by Wolle Nyvelt in 2008, held by Shaun White before him, and multiple times by Kevin Jones before then—who will win the title this year?

Travis Rice
Jake Blauvelt
Gigi Rüf

Women's Rider of the Year

The big award of the night for the ladies—will it be four-time nominee Torah Bright, maybe it’s Jamie Anderson’s year after last winter’s park blasting performances, or has everyone fallen under the spell of Marie-France’s rail rallies? This just might be the heaviest roll call we’ve ever seen in the women’s ROTY.

Torah Bright
Jamie Anderson
Marie-France Roy




Men's Video Part of the Year

Already we’ve got to give props to That’s It, That’s All and Forum’s heroic return to team movies with Forum Or Against ‘Em, but which of these three riders will bring home the ice block? 

Travis Rice: Brainfarm/That's It, That's All 
Pat Moore: Forum/Forum Or Against 'Em 
Jake Blauvelt: Forum/Forum Or Against 'Em 

Women's Video Part of the Year

Once again, so much diversity in this category—Annie Boulanger wrecks shop in the backcountry ala Victoria Jealouse, while Marie-France breaks new urban ground coast to coast, and Natasza Zurek continues to silently destroy everything in her path. But who have the riders chosen?

Annie Boulanger: Absinthe/Ready 
Marie-France Roy: Rome/No Correct Way 
Natasza Zurek: Runway/See What I See




Men's Rookie of the Year

Check out that lineup, new names for sure. Louif and Lucas both made names for themselves with webisodes and full parts in These Days—but Louif and Lucas’ riding styles and background couldn’t be more different—Louif from the right coast of Canada and Lucas from the underbelly of Mt. Baker. Icelandic viking Eiki unilaterally flushed out the rad filming with Rome. 

Louif Paradis
Eiki Helgason
Lucas Debari

Women's Rookie of the Year

Pelosi’s pretege’ Raewyn, has been doing her thing with the Runway crew the last few years, but it looks like her progressive moves have finally caught the attention of her peers. Bev V. took it to the next level last month at the Breck Dew Tour Slopestyle,  but she was doing damage on the competition circuit well before then. And Ellery also had her moment on the podium at the Mount Snow Dew Tour Superpipe, but this fierce competitor is no stranger to victory in competition.

Raewyn Reid
Bev Vuilleumier
Ellery Hollingsworth




Standout of the Year

It means just that—who did something that captured and symbolized the year? Last year it was Terje Haakonsen’s quarterpipe air, the year before it was David Benedek’s next level moves, Who had what it takes this year?
Travis Rice—for his super-human performance in That's It, That's All.
 Gigi Rüf—for his three video parts in one year!
Johan Olofsson—for his NoBoarding exploits documented in Standard's Aesthetica.




Men's Reader's Choice

Eiki Helgason
Scott Lago
Travis Rice

Women's Reader's Choice

Jamie Anderson
Desiree Melancon
Marie-France Roy