By Ben Gavelda

Mammoth Village was all lit up last night for the West Coast Invitational rail jam.  The event marked one last shred off and ended the season with a bang.  We grabbed front porch seats in the etnies and ThirtyTwo condo and watched the jam unfold.  A handful of the usual rail suspects were on scene trying to hustle the down flat down rail, street rail, and ledge encrusted box to bomb drop for a $10,000 purse.

The riders escalated from standard jibbery to dicey gaps and combos as riders lept from feature to feature across the stage.  DC’s Torstein Horgmo dropped a 50-50 on the ledge of the box to backside 360 out.  Cameron Pierce heated things up by stomping a nasty backside 50-50 on the box ledge and then gapping to frontside board on the street rail.  Logan Short came unscathed after a 270 to front board/head slide through the down flat down.  He ended up plopping back on his feet and riding away to stomp some tricks while staying on his feet.  Trevor Jacobs also had a box to rail transfer of backside 50-50 to frontside 50-50 on the last of the down flat down.  Darrell Mathes sealed a clean back lip through the down flat down as well as a few 270 combos.  New Hamphire’s Brandon Reis represented, pulling out all the rail trickery out there and smothered it with style.  Aside from stomping nearly everything, he logged a 180 to switch 5-0 with a buttery backside 360 out on the down rail.  Brandon also nailed a back tail 50-50 switch up to 180 out on the down rail.  If style were king, Brandon would be reigning.  But is was Chas who owned the night, putting on a full-on rail clinic. He started pushing things from the get go with a backside 270 to the last of the down flat down.  He continued to hustle and started using the other lips to transfer across features.  Notably, Chas had a front 270 from the street rail take off to front board on the edge of the box, and toward the end of the night, Chas attempted a real crowd pleasing front flip off the end of the box (although, not quite sticking it).  As time wound down and riders cast their votes, Guldemond came out on top.  Chas took home the WCI title, a total of $15,000 over the weekend, and the nickname “Chas Gul-de-Mayo.”

The night didn’t stop there, though.  Following the event, crowds were whisked away in the village gondola to the Canyon Lodge for a live performance by MyG and Talib Kweli. Some of the gathering also spread to village hotspot Sushi Rei for a DJ set spun by MFM.  The WCI capped the season off and sent many home with a little suntan, a mild to serious hangover, and slushy snowboard memories.