The weather came and went all morning, and despite pretty slow conditions, Janne Korpi was able to style out some nice frontside 540's in the semis. PHOTO: Sean Radich


PERISHER BLUE, AUSTRALIA (September 4, 2008) – The land down under was taken over today as crowds flocked to watch the final men's and women's halfpipe competition at Perisher Blue Resort. Always a crowd favorite, the halfpipe finals were not to be missed as a field of impressive names threw down runs that were equally as impressive.

The men were first to drop and it was Mason Aguirre who showed strength early on with a highest first run score of 92.83. Fellow FREND Luke Mitrani topped Aguirre's score with his second run that consisted of a frontside 900 tailgrab, followed by a backside Japan air, into a frontside 720 indy, finishing with a switch double backflip- the likes of which have never been seen at a halfpipe competition in Australia.

Not to be out-done, Aguirre rose to the challenge with a run that started with a Cab 1080 mute, followed by a frontside 900 melon, into a backside rodeo 540 indy, finishing with an alley-oop backside rodeo 720 indy, earning him the win and $7,500 with a margin of less than one point. Aguirre had this to say of his win, "It was tough. Luke made me work for it but it was so much fun riding with the crew. The pipe held up really well and I'm stoked to win here in Oz."

In the women's competition, Olympic gold medalist, Hannah Teter took the lead early on, with a technical run that combined back-to-back 540's, into a 360 indy, followed by a Cab 720, finishing with a melon to fakie. "The pipe was really fun, everyone was riding super good considering the snow was a little slow," said Teter of her win. "It was really motivating watching the guys and the girls throw down their tricks"

Giving Teter a run for the money was Paulina Ligocka out of Poland, who has not competed in nearly a year due to injury. Ligocka showed no signs of struggle as she stuck a 720 on the first hit and landed a McTwist in her highest scoring run, taking home 2nd place and $3,500 AUD. New Zealand Open halfpipe champion Jamie Anderson won $1,500 AUD and the third place title. Anderson, the back-to-back X-Games slopestyle gold medalist and winner of the slopestyle competition at the New Zealand Open last month will take on her competitors tomorrow during slopestyle finals.

Luke Mitrani and Jamie Anderson are currently in the lead for the $100,000 Burton Global Open Series Championship title. After today's Swatch TTR 5Star halfpipe event, Hannah Teter jumped 134 ranks into World No. 21, her highest rank ever. Jamie Anderson stays in World No. 1 as well as Chas Guldemond. Luke Mitrani and Stephan Maurer both entered into the Swatch TTR Top 5.

1 Mason Aguirre            USA     BURTON           94.17    $7,500
2 Luke Mitrani                USA     BURTON           93.50    $3,000
3 Markus Malin              FIN       BONFIRE          85.17    $1,500
4 Kevin Pearce              USA     BURTON           80.17    $700
5 Chas Guldemond        USA     DC                   77.67    $350
6 Danny Davis              USA     BURTON           75.83    $175

1 Hannah Teter            USA     BURTON            91.67    $7,500
2 Paulina Ligocka          POL      BURTON           82.17    $3,000
3 Jamie Anderson         USA     BILLABONG      64.00    $1,500

The Burton Australian Open continues tomorrow with the men's and women's slopestyle semis and finals. For more information visit here and live webcasts here.