2007 Team Challenge Under Construction

Despite a vicious bout with Southern California traffic, and bag searches at the airport; we arrived today in Reno, NV. Soon after arriving in Reno everyone kept it mellow, rented H3s, got In-N-Out and made tracks to Heavenly and the Montbleu for spring breakage and the 2007 TransWorld SNOWboarding Team Challenge.

We made it up to the gondola and finally to the South Shore Soldiers turf to get in a few hot-laps. The High Roller Park at Heavenly is looking sick right now, and its undergoing serious upgrades getting all chiseled up for the TC. The finished product will be the best one yet as it comes together over the next couple days.

Once we made it off the gondola Ol’ Dirty Hamilton got right to it, strapped in and snapped off a couple of shots around the park. Lucky for you our deep staff of programmers in India conveniently linked up some photos on the left hand side of this page so you too can share in the magic.

If you love snowboarding one bit, make sure you come to the Team Challenge Shootout on Thursday night (4/5/07) at the base of Heavenly’s California Lodge. Click here for more info.