2007 Team Challenge Shootout

Chilly evening air and pink skies over a glassy Lake Tahoe ushered in the first-ever TransWorld Team Challenge Shoot Out. This unprecedented “park-style event went down on an ultra-unique course built by the boys at Kingvale Park Builders and included two fat wood rails sticking out of a run-in all double-barreled style, making for a canon-like setup that shot riders out and over the rear end of a painted cement truck for their jibbing pleasure. There was also an up-box on one side for riders to mix it up on. Each attending team nominated one man and one woman to shoot it out on the course, and the prize money? Ten Gs!

The action started with a round of qualifiers in which each of the teams of two had to take three runs, and best run counted, whether it was logged by the male or the female. As riders got into the swing of things, the tricks started heating up, with Cooper Hoffmeister from Never Summer and Capita’s Jonas Carlsson both clocking silky smooth tap 540s off the cement mixer, while Flow’s Jeremy Thompson upped the creativity ante by wallriding the side of the double-barrelled take off into a 50-50 on one of the logs, only to land ‘er clean and ride back down the run-in. Salomon’s Jamie Anderson gave us a preview of what she’d unleash in the finals by sliding up the up-rail and then back down again, which I guess technically constitutes two runs in one?

The finals saw a half hour, jam-format barrage of action unleashed by eight chosen teams. Both the team members’ runs counted in the final standings—so it was truly about team work, team work and progression. This was displayed right away with the likes of K2’s Leanne Pelosi and Bryan Fox, who went down simultaneously all doubles-style, firing off a backflip for Fox and then a front flip for Leanne right afterwards. Man, who don’t love flips!

Capita’s Jonas Carlsson kept looking for that tap 1080 he threw in practice, and although he did land some ultra-sick tap sevens, the ten would remain illusive. Team Flow, consisting of Laura Williams, Jeremy Thompson, and poacher Antti Autti running support, threw down some annihilation, with Thompson taking his ultra creative run from qualifiers up a notch with a front board on the log, not to mention a huge 180 tap on the cement mixer. Other worthy contenders included Ride’s Cory Nobel doing amazing inverted alley-oop-style tap 360s on the cement mixer, and Atomic’s Greg Maxwell tossing sleek up-and-over-the-mixer back 180s.

It was definitely Team Salomon’s flawless team work that deservedly earned the top podium spot—and the ten grand. Jamie Anderson busted a 50-50 to backside 360 out and many sick variations on her up and down the box, including 50-50 up to boardslide down. Scotty Arnold was a smooth operator over the cement mixer, with lofty 180s and an insane backside 360 nose tap on the cement mixer to shut the night down.

Final Results

1. Salomon: Scotty Arnold and Jamie Anderson (10 Gs!)

2. K2: Bryan Fox and Leanne Pelosi

3. Flow: Jeremy Thompson and Laura Williams