Friday August 10, 2007 was the day of the New Zealand open slopestyle finals. The weather was less than ideal with heavy winds all day that ultimately ended the comp before the final rounds. The judge’s decisions were made on the impressive riding that took place during the semi-finals. The inclement weather was also enough to cancel the invitational QP Jam scheduled for the evening.

The girls started things off in the morning competing against each other and the wind to simply stay on course. With 21 riders at the start of the day competing for three spots on the podium the riding was tops. Through the contest, standout riders were ones that held nothing back and stomped the big tricks. When it was all said and done Jenny Jones took the prize.

The guys took to the hill in force. With a total of 42 riders qualified at the start of the semi-finals there was no holding back, hammers being dropped all over the course today. Sevens were a standard with rotations going up from there. Several riders chucked double back flips. One rider even had a trick so unique that judges just simply named it after him, the Allesandro flip. The New Zealand riders were not joking around while representing their home turf. There were un-expected standout riders but it was the consistent riding of Mason Aguirre that took the cake and the no. 1 spot on the podium.

Top 5 Mens:
1. Mason Aguirre, USA
2. Alessandro Boyens, Germany
3. Dan Brisse, USA
4. Stef Zeestraten, NZ
5. Eric Willet, USA

Top 5 Womens:
1. Jenny Jones, Great Britain
2. Claudia Fliri, Austria
3. Hana Beaman, USA
4. Torah Bright, Australia
5. Sina Candrian, Switzerland

TWS Webcasting Live Coverage of the Burton NZ Open

TWS has partnered up with the fine folks at Burton to bring you a live webcast from the Burton New Zealand Open at famed the Snow Park resort just outside the small town of Wanaka. Below you’ll find a schedule of events and a link to our live feed of the action. Make sure you’re logged on and tuned in when it all goes down! —Evan

Webcast Link: Live Coverage of the Burton NZ Open

Burton New Zealand Open Schedule Of Events:

The Burton New Zealand Open Thursday, August 9 — New ZealandWednesday, August 8 — USNZ time:	PST:		Event:8.00-9.00am 	1-2pm		Training Slopestyle Pre-Qualifications MEN9.15-10.15 	2:15-3:15pm	Slopestyle Pre-Qualifications MEN Heat 1 10.15-10.35 	3:15-3:35pm	Warm-Up Run Slopestyle Pre-Qualifications 10.45-11.45 	3:45-4:45pm	Slopestyle Pre-Qualifications MEN Heat 2 11.45-12.00 	4:45-5:00pm	Warm-Up Run Slopestyle Qualification MEN12.15-12.55 	5:15-5:55pm	Slopestyle Qualification MEN 13.00-13.45 	6:00-6:45pm	Training Slopestyle Qualification WOMEN14.00-15.10 	7-8:10pm	Slopestyle Qualification WOMEN Friday, August, 10 — New ZealandThursday, August 9 — USNZ time:	PST:		Event:8.00-9.00am 	1-2pm		Training Slopestyle Semi-Finals9.15-10.05 	2:15-3:05pm	Slopestyle Semi-Finals WOMEN 10.05-10.35 	3:05-3:35pm	Warm-Up Run Slopestyle Semi-Finals MEN10.35-12.05 	3:35-5:05pm	Slopestyle Semi-Finals MEN 12.05-12.35 	5:05-5:35pm 	Training Slopestyle Finals12.35-14.05 	5:35-7:05pm	Slopestyle Finals WOMEN & MENSaturday, August 11 — New ZealandFriday, August 10 — USNZ time:	PST:		Event:8.00-9.15am 	1-2:15pm	Training Halfpipe Semi-Finals WOMEN&MEN9.30-10.30 	2:30-3:30pm	Halfpipe Semi-Final WOMEN 10.30-11.00 	3:30-4:00	Training Halfpipe Semi-Final MEN11.15-12.45 	4:15-5:45pm	Halfpipe Semi-Final MEN12.45-13.15 	5:45-6:15pm	Training Finals WOMEN&MEN13.30-15.30 	6:30-8:30pm	Halfpipe Finals WOMEN&MEN