Saturday August 11th was the evening of the Gravis Open Sessions jam 3. It was intended conclude the last day of the contest but due to weather delays it preceded the last day. Nonetheless it still went off. Shapeshifters were the headliner band and they rocked a sell out crowd that was hyped. The Shapeshifters are a New Zealand band that offers heavy drum and bass music for one to dance their face off to. This was followed by one of two after parties to chose from. One taking place at Barluga, a bar in town. The other taking place at a spot known as the outlet, basically a large tent in a field with a DJ booth and lots of people. It was an entertaining evening.

The Quarterpipe Jam event of the open was intended for the evening of Friday August 10th, but was cancelled due to high winds. It finally went down after the halfpipe finals on Sunday. It was a quick session with last light of the day and riders were faced with a small window to ride it in. Some riders really stood out on it though, New Zealand’s James Hamilton was boosting out. Kevin Pearce was dropping technical tricks on it. Peter Line made a guest appearance, and the crowd was even graced by the presence of Pat Bridges and crew doing doubles handplants. Maybe not the large event it was intended to be but still a successful and fun session.