By Jen Sherowski

photo: Nick Hamilton

Transworld Rider of the Year for 2008 and Austrian soul-riding powerhouse, Wolle Nyvelt has been quietly ripping for years. Each season he leaves behind his hometown of Mayrhofen in Austria’s Zillertal valley and roams the planet with the Absinthe Films crew in search of perfect lines and all-time airtime—a journey that inevitably ends up in Alaska for the yearly spring heli-film session. Here’s what he had to say when we caught up with him recently. Oh, and they’re might be eleven questions in there, but who’s counting?

So how’s the spring been going? What have you been up to?
I just came back from Alaska, and I’m hanging out in Seattle right now with my girl. I’m going to California soon, though, and after that, on to Bali for a month, which I’m way hyped on, for sure!

What was your best session of the season?
I had the most fun hanging out in Baker for a month—riding that mountain was all time. Guys like Jamie Lynn, [Mike] Ranquet, Temple [Cummins]—they were the ones I looked up to, so it was rad to spend a lot of time where they ride. The mountain itself is just a shred paradise, and also the Bank Slalom is super fun. Good parties and happy vibes!
What’s the best thing about Alaska?
The bluebird days.

Is there a worst thing?
Waiting for the bluebird days.

Who’s your favorite crew to ride sketch-ball terrain with in up there?
I’m not even close to touching sketchy stuff like Jeremy [Jones] does, but as far as people goes, its pretty much the whole Absinthe crew. Riders like Nico [Mueller, Gigi [Rüf], Romain [DeMarchi, BJ [Leines], and also the guides from AK Heliskiing—Ted, Tim, and of course Tom Burt are the ones to be out there with, for sure.

What younger riders coming up are you’re hyped on right now?
This year Kevin Pearce came up to Alaska for the first time, and I think he killed it!

How did it feel to win the Transworld rider of the year? Were you expecting it?
I didn’t expect to get nominated in the first place, so I was already super stoked on that. Brusti [Absinthe’s Patrick Ambruster] and I just hung out there and had a great time in Vegas, and to take that award home was really a surprise. I’m really happy—to bring that home to Zillertal for the Ästhetiker crew and our little shred scene means a lot!

It seems like you’ve been around and ripping for a long time. Why do you think this was the year your fellow pros all chose to recognize you?
I don’t know at all really. Of course, Absinthe Films plays a big part in it—getting the first part in their movies means a lot, but why exactly I can’t say! It is definitely important for Europeans to come over here to North America, though, that’s for sure.

photo: Jeff Patterson

How’s this year’s film part shaping up? Are you feeling solid, or are there still some things you still want to get dialed?
I always have the feeling that there’s something missing, and I think you always want more. This year it was quite hard in AK, though, and the pow was gone way too soon. So yeah, I’m missing pow, but now it’s time to wait for next year!

How involved are you in the editing of your part typically? Do you get to pick your music and all that?
For sure you can pick everything, but for myself I like to let [Absinthe’s] Justin [Hostynek] do a lot. I have high respect for what those guys do and how they put it together, so it’s a good surprise all the time, too. Usually we choose the music, and then Justin sends me a raw part so I can go over it and see if there are tricks missing and so on.

What’s the first thing you do when you get back to Europe after months of filming in North America?
Go skate with the homies at Cradlpark!