10 Questions With Danny Kass

Danny Kass. No introduction needed. We asked him ten simple little questions; he answered them.

OJ for DK

photo: Yür Maum

 Are halfpipes an endangered species?

Halfpipes are not an endangered species but you do have skiers trying to take part of snowboarding's history. I only like watching 2-3 skiers ride the pipe: Tanner and the C crew. A few years ago it was all snowboard parks and now you have a parallel competition schedule. If we don't fight for what we started, people will take it over.

this trick was not borrowed from skiingphoto: Andy Wright

 What is your biggest challenge with Grenade?

Trying to find time for my personal life, which is somewhat non-existent at this point. But, hard work is rewarding to the soul.

Who is your favorite pipe rider of all time and why?

Daniel Franck, he had the dopest skate punk style in the pipe when I was a grom. He still can spank most kids on the tour including myself. If you watch Subjekt: Haakonsen you will understand that he brought the smooth corked frontside spins to our sport.

Do you believe in God?

I believe in a lot of things. Sometimes I want to and sometimes I don't want to, but it is nice to think that your not alone in this world. I like to learn about all religions and take parts from each to learn from.

Not just a pipe jerk. Danbo likes him some pow 

photo: Andy Wright

What is the greatest snowboard trip you've done and why?

The best snowboard trip… my first real one. It was New Zealand with the old Northwave/Drake team. Kleck-gnar put me on when I was living in New Jersey, in 9th grade and I flew all the way there alone with only a voice to match up. It was all time. The posse was Kevin Jones, Mikey Leblanc, Lukas Huffman, Whitey, Brian Thein, and a few others. It was my first ever team trip and it will always be in my mind. Thank you George for giving me some street credit. I got rookied for sure. Mike beat me up for years to come.

What can the Olympics learn from events like Grenade Games?

They can learn that snowboarding is not about steroids and schedules. The best events are jam format and the funnest events are the ones put on or organized by snowboarders, NOT SKIERS.

Do you ever 'fan-out'?

Yes, I fan out. I have met some celebs before, but I really geek on some skaters and some heavy shredders like Jamie Lynn and Kevin Jones. I went to Norway just to see Terje with Kyle Clancy a few years ago and we geeked so hard.

Boned (Age) frontside air

photo: Andy Wright

What's your plan for the Olympics in Whistler 2010?

I would like to start training this year as far as learning a new trick or combo and whooping some ass. I just want to stay healthy and focused on pipe for the next two seasons.

What has snowboarding taught you?

Relax and enjoy life. Don't take anything for granted and don't sleep your life away. Travel, get out of your town that you grew up in and move to a different city or place or state. Just live.

Have you ever taught anyone to snowboard?

I am a fatherly figure to some of our young shredders at Grenade, but it goes both ways. I help Louie Vito with his sticker jobs or planned runs and I helped Lucas Magoon get a car and how to ride some park, and these guys teach me stuff. The coolest thing for me has been riding with these kids and seeing snowboarding how they see it—as a fun thing to do, or a new way of jibbing.

Eye that landing. Grenade Games, 2008.

photo: Andy Wright

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