Shane Flood may be the most unique person in snowboarding today. The screaming, the all black, the dogs, the house—some might think it’s a front, or part of his image as a professional. But if you know him, it’s his true persona—it’s all real. Shane’s had a few rough winters but this year he’s sitting on a pile of good footage. Now that the season has winded down, I had a chance to ask him a few questions about his winter.

1. The past few winters you’ve been hurt a lot. What’s it like sitting around, not shredding for months on end?

Absolutely sickening.

2. But this winter you’ve avoided injury pretty well, correct?

Just a few minor things here and there but nothing too bad though.

3. So that being said, how has this winter been treating you, what the deal this year?

Good, it has been really fun, traveling around filming a bunch, riding with different people filming for Cavan and Slaters movie.

4. Besides yourself, who’s been racking up dope footage for the movie?

J.J. Thomas is sitting on some really good stuff.

5. Heard you went out to Japan for a while with J.J. and David Aubry, how was that?

It was fun but the snow was horrible, and basically we had to beat ourselves up to get shots.

6. Who have you been traveling with the most this year?

Well, this year it’s been J.J. pretty much every trip.

7. So whats up with the new puppy? you now have three full bread Boxers that are completely identical?

The newest is far from identical, he isn’t white, he’s fawn. His name is Grim.

8. How do you ever get to hang out with the dogs when you travel all the time?

I come home and get to clean up their mess while they jump on me.

9. You better start winning some big contests so you can buy dog food. Did you do any contests this winter?

Pretty much, I did a couple contests, Wachusett East Coast Invitational rail jam and the Session at Vail.

10. So what are your plans for this summer? Will we see you at summer camps?

Go up to Windell’s a bunch, ride my bike, skate my ramp, play with my dogs and that is it. Put on tons of sunscreen so I don’t get tan.