SCO Dubbs knows how exciting it is to visit a real live working snowboarding magazine-he usually falls asleep here. This time was no exception. We woke him up and drilled him with questions and in the process we came up with a way for you to win his new board and binding setup! Bust out your magnifying glass!

May 16, 2007

1. Where are you at right now in your snowboard season?

“Done! Well, actually, I’m going to Hood for the High CascadeSession 2, the Scotty Arnold/Andreas Wiig/ Hana Beaman session.”

2. Anything new for this session?

“Andreas Wiig is new. He’s going to rap-that’ll be interesting. There’ll be lots of shrapling and lots of skateboarding. Lot’s of giveaways and contests.”

3. What were some highlights from your winter?

The beginning of the season I rode the best snow of the year in October with my old TM Alex Pashley at Wolf Creek, Colorado. I also did alot of riding with Mitch Reed-we jibbed together. That was fun. Bunch of snow in Denver. Those were all highlights-the Team Challenge, too-that was fun! A big lowlight though was losing Rusty White. RIP buddy.

4. Where were you at all winter?

We did a bunch of stuff in Park City, Denver, and Aspen.

5. Were you chasing snow all winter?

Not really, we were trying to, but there wasn’t much snow to chase.

6. So, if I understand right, you haven’t been to Mammoth in two years and you’ve never been to Whistler. Where’s your favorite place to shred?

Park City’s got a good park and all my friends are there like Alex Sherman and Caleb Flowers. You should know that name, Caleb’s an up and comer fo’ sure.

7. What are you listening to these days?

Oh man, the new Young Buck, Paul Wall, Snoop Dogg, Arnie Beats ( you’ll hear it on my trick tip in TransWorld’s Twenty Tricks video.

8. Did Young Buck come after you for last year’s graphic?


9. What’s going on with this year’s Arnie 5000 graphic?

It’s basically a cartoon drawing of all my good friends. I had everyone e-mail me pictures and then I gave them to this designer at Salomon. He drew cartoons of all of them. I just wanted to have all my friends with me when I go boarding. I also have a pro model binding this year and a Mini Arnie with the same graphics, it’s a 142.

10. And lastly, how many New Era caps do you own?

Forty-they’re all Boston Red Sox ones, too.

Win Scotty’s Board!
Scotty made us a list of 30 plus friends that are on his board, most of whom are big name pro boarders. Here’s your chance to win his new setup (board and bindings) by correctly naming fifteen of his friends and identifying which cartoon character they are. Have a look at his graphic (double click it to go huge) and start writing. The first correct answer sent to with “Scotty’s Bros” in the subject line wins.

2nd chance!: If you mess this up, we’ll give you one more chance to win Scotty’s setup. Check the September issue of TransWorld SNOWboarding hitting your mailbox and the newsstands on July 19 for submission info.