Temporarily layed up, RT had no problem answering a few probing questions about his personal life. Connecticut’s favorite son and Salomon’s newest addition managed to squeeze us in between beard growing, face-cave stuffing and a Hogan Knows Best marathon.

1. What’s it like to be RT?

It’s crazy. Dodging paparazzi, eating beluga whale caviar, and being a constant sex symbol isn’t the easiest nine-to-five. But no big deal.

2. Are you a germaphobe?

Kind of, well … I’m not gonna lie. It’s a little out a hand. But look at the bright side, I don’t get sick to often

3. And a pop culture junkie?

Yeah, that crap is super funny to me. VH1 has some funny ass shows—you missed the Flava Flave reunion! I’m consumed by MTV and that kind of entertainment. But its not like I have Corey Feldman and Kelly Kapowski posters on my walls.

4. Is it weird if I have those posters on my walls?

No way, I just had to eBay all my Tiger Beat mag’s to pay my cell phone bill. Or else that would be my wallpaper too.

5. When did you move to Breckenridge?

I moved here from Connecticut when I was in 8th grade, about nine years ago.

6. Do you stay here year round?

Now I do. I used to live in SLC for the winters because I couldn’t hang with all the party time. And it didn’t help that I was the guy who blacked out and got into a bunch of crap.

7. How was your trip to Japan?

It was super fun—tallest guy there. Shredding was fun and the people are overly polite. The Nippon Open was fun—rail contest was good. And the thing where you sing to the TV was awesome!

8. What else have you been up to this winter?

I’ve been filming with the new MDPeople crew—the JV squad. It’s been super fun, but fighting injury and weather is difficult. I’ve been trying to be active with my sponsors, that’s always key. Other than that, I’ve been “training” for the past week, for the next go around at the Olympics in 2010. I’m pre-qualified, so really it’s party time for the next three years

9. What trends are you pulling for in ’07?

I’m really pulling for a Bel Biv Devo come back. And if your not doing back to back 1080’s—What’s the point?

10. What’s this I hear about making moves on a schoolteacher?

Oh snap! Funniest thing, I ran into her in the grocery store two summers ago. And she totally called me out, “So I’m your old girlfriend?” and the cat had my tongue. But then she follows it up by saying “give me your number, we should go out for a beer sometime”—so funny. But yes we had some extra curricular activities back then.

That’s amazing, I’m very proud of you.

Thanks buddy, my girlfriend would say other wise.