Patrick McCarthy is one hard working shredder. After a solid season last year, he’s teamed up with Neo Dawgs again—Justin Eeles and Pierre Minhondo, along with the rest of the MDPeople. He’s been in the mix for quite some time, but now things are really unfolding for the North West heavyweight—and he’s sitting on his best season yet.

1. How long have you been shredding? How did it all come about—sponsorship and everything else?

I’ve been snowboarding for sixteen years. My brother first got me into it and then as I got older it seemed to be the only thing that I really wanted to do. I’ve always lived in Washington and will be here forever. Moving to Mt Baker was the best decision that I made just because that mountain allowed me the freedom to express myself with snowboarding and it really motivated me. Sponsorship just comes naturally when your snowboarding hard, getting photos published and filming video parts.

2. Are you still working at Hood over the summer?

For sure, I’ll be working at HCSC for a couple sessions in June. When I was younger, going to camp played a big roll in my snowboarding. I remember having Travis Parker as my coach, and after that session all I wanted was to be able to do all the tricks that he could. Those camps impact the kids that really want it because you can really condense your learning process. So, I want to continue to be involved—it’s like giving back to the kids in a way.

3. What’s your Secret?

Coffee, coffee, coffee. Just kidding. I’m motivated by my own personal goals. This persistent motivation paired up with the fact that I love what I do I think helps make me a bit more successful. I love snowboarding and that’s the secret I guess. But really, I do eat Wheaties.

4. You’ve avoided injury as well—do you hit the gym in the off-season?

Yeah, I’ve been hitting the gym with Landvik a ton, trying to get in the best shape I can for the season. I want to know that I’m as prepared as I can be for every situation that snowboarding presents. Being able to hit the jump that one extra time can be the difference from a shot and a waste of time.

5. You had a full part last year in Some Kinda Life, how are things working out with this year’s video?

I feel like this season has been my best one so far. I was prepared early for the year, and Baker got insane early season snow. We were out filming on sleds in the beginning of December, which was crazy—we had forty days by Christmas. Whistler, Washington, Utah, Tahoe, Idaho, Colorado—everywhere we went, we got it. Pierre, Justin, Corey and Gabe were all amazing to work. Every one of those guys took the time to come up to Baker and film this year—I was with at least one of those guys every time I strapped in, so that helped.

6. How did you end up getting involved with the Neoproto crew in the first place?

I owe that one to Shaun McKay. I’d filmed parts for ThinkThank Productions Thunk and FODT’s Moment Of Truth in ’04 and Pierre watched my stuff after talking to Shaun, then asked if I wanted to film for the new movie. I thought it would be interesting to mix it up and try something new, with a whole new crew. So, I started filming with Pierre in ’05. I was hesitant at first because I never think the filmers are going to come all the way up to the Northwest, but Pierre and the whole crew have been up here all year—it’s been amazing.

7. Have you made it a point to try and stay close to Baker?

Yeah, I love snowboarding in Washington, and on my home turf. Mt. Baker has the best terrain to fit what I want to do in snowboarding. The weather does’nt always cooperate but that makes you want it more. When it’s sunny you know that you’ve got to kill it because sometimes those sunny days are few and far between. I like to snowboard in the backcountry and avoid park riding. I feel like there’s a lack of creativity in snowboard paark shredding but I also realize that not everyone has the same terrain around that I do, so I can sympathize a bit.

8. Beyond Baker, where is your favorite place to shred at?

I love to snowboard in Whistler. That backcountry is super fun and there is just so much variety in the terrain up there. You can find a little bit of everything you’re looking for up there.

9. Any idea what’s up for next winter?

Not right now. The season just ended so I am going to take it one step at a time. I hope to film another video part, shoot lots of photos and have a good time. I’ve got some new moves up my sleeves that I’ve been working on.

10. What about this summer?

I’ll head to Hood, then probably come back to my place and cook bbq chicken wings for the rest of the summer. Finish remodeling my house in Bellingham, and try to go fishing with my dad a bit too. Hit up the gym and get ready to do it all over again next year. Maybe have a couple of cocktails from time to time—normal summer stuff. Head out to Tahoe to sit with Pierre while he edits my part then go to Oceanside and surf for while in August.


Thanks first and foremost to my parents for all their support. Next my friends and family and all my sponsors, Option, NFA, Northwave, Drake, Dragon, Spacecraft, Defcon, One Ball Jay, Snowboard Connection, Nixon, and Airblaster—thanks for all the support.