10 Questions: Louie Fountain

Louie Fountain is a singular snowboarder. Coming up on his own terms, and as a parent to two three-year olds, Louie has defined his shredding, and his life on his own terms. His ability to pilot his snowboard is about as natural and insitinctive as it gets. And as a traveling companion, he is a champ. I recently go the chance to take a tour of Greece with this native Idaho-an, and his ability to adapt to new terrain, people and situations never ceased to amaze. After our trip wrapped up, I had a chance to ask Louie a few questions about Greece, living in Idaho, and travel in general …

What does the word “Butros” mean to you?

“Butros” is Greek for “I can’t believe what I’m seeing.”

What is your favorite thing about the man known as Kostas?

Which one are you talking about? Oh, the Kostas? I would have to say his kind heart and Carpe Diem attitude towards hitting kickers.

What were the sketchiest/coolest things about being in Greece?

Everything was sketchy, but it didn’t matter--it was Greece! The coolest? The people were super cool--thanks Christos! Actually the mountains were really cool with amazing terrain.

Out of all the places you went snowboarding in Greece, which was your favorite?

Probably that place we hit the hip (Kalavrita) because it was just a good scene with Kostas, Christos and sunshine, and that hip was super fun.

You recently moved to Moscow Idaho, from Portland. What inspired the move?

I’ve always know Moscow as my true home and with the girls getting older I just really wanted them to grow up around family. We have over twenty relatives in that little town and I love it there.

What’s it like having twin girls and traveling a bunch for shredding?

Well, that’s definitely the hardest part about going on trips, but I just try to manage my time better and never take for granted the days I spend with them.

What do you have to say to all the young dads who still want to get their shred on?

Put your family first. Snowboarding will fade and die away.

You seem to have been to some pretty far out places courtesy of snowboarding. Where’s the craziest place you’ve been?

Probably Russia or Greece. I never dreamed I would go to places like that.

Where would you still like to go?

Chile, Argentina, New Zealand.

How important is Ali G to the maintenance of your entertainment?

That guy is somewhat of a genius.