10 Questions: Lauri Heiskari

Everyone knows the immensely talented Lauri Heiskari, this crazy young Fin slays handrails in capes, and destroys kickers wearing flamboyant fur hats while rocking more flair than normally allowable. But Lauri is an exception to the rule—the kid pulls it off clean. This morning we caught the ‘lil’ guy at the TWS copy machine—we immediately peer pressured a few words out of him.

1. What brings you by TransWorld Snowboarding?

I just realized I’m fifteen months behind on my photo incentives and I’m trying to get my money back some how. So I’m tracking some magazines down.

2. Where down here in So Cal. Where do you go from here?

I’m planning on leaving for Whistler, Canada either tonight or in the morning with my friend Kareem from Sweden. We’re thinking of stopping through Las Vegas for one night to check the scene out—I’ve never been there. Then, just head on through to Canada.

3. Las Vegas isn’t anywhere near your route to Canada man. Canada is north—Vegas is east!

Really? That’s what I told him, but Kareem was like it will only add a couple hours to our trip—it’s right there. How far away is it?

4. About five hours over in the wrong direction—you should def go!

F—k it! I don’t have to be in Whistler for two days so … can I make it?

5. Oh yeah, you can make it—you’ll be fine (laughter). What goes on in Canada?

I’m going up there to film with Sean Kearns for the Forum team movie, That. It’s supposed to be sunny on Monday, so hopefully everything goes well in the Whistler backcountry. Nearly the whole team is up there already so it should be pretty fun.

6. Have you been to Canada this year?

No, I was hurt for nearly three months and just spent the last month in Tahoe. I broke my collarbone in Sweden on the first handrail trip of the year, second day—just landed on my head. It was nice just chilling’ with my mom for a while though, like, “Mom, where’s dinner? I haven’t done that for about five years!

7. And where is “home nowadays? I heard you lived in San Diego?

Me, Iikka, and Eero get a place down here every summer. Last year we lived in Pacific Beach, San Diego, but this year we’re renting a place in San Clemente. It’ll be sick, we know more people up there and the surf is better. Besides that, I’ll just travel around and live out of my truck.

8. So you have to pull the super spring push for a dope movie part?

Yep. We can film pretty late in Scandinavia and Mammoth will be open forever. Then we’re going to have a big college tour through the U.S. So I’ll be busy. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to talk about that yet, but why not?

9. Cool. Did you know it’s raining outside right now?

Is it raining? Seriously? Oh man, that sucks for my drive.

10. But it’s a straight shot to Vegas (laughter).