10 Questions: Kevin Casillo & Sketchy-D

There is usually in introduction at the beginning of these mini interviews however, these these guys don’t require much of one. They’ve been known to ravish the slopes and the ladies. They’ve broken hearts from Mammoth to Mt. Creek and show no signs of slowing their pace. Keeping it greasy straight out of dirty Jersey, Kevin Casillo and Sketchy D are not only two of the few OG’s in the Grenade Army, they are true ladies men to boot. Just when you thought chivalry was dead, I caught up with these two handsome devils a few months back while they were driving separate cars from LA to Mammoth on their way home from the US Open. I was back and forth on the phone with them for a couple of hours. Here’s what they had to say.

1. So, you’re on your way back from the US Open. How was it out there this year?

Kevin: It was probably the worst one I’ve been to. Shitty weather. It would have been better if I liked maple syrup, Carhart, and shit kickers.

Same question to Sketchy D

Dennis: It was all right, I f—king jacked my elbow. Not too happy about that. On the record, it was on the slopes. Off the record, it was in the bedroom. I’ve been doing some pushups though, it should be all right.

2. So what are your plans when you get back to Mammoth?

Kevin: I’m gonna spend a week and a half in Mammoth riding rails, dusting off my boots, and then getting ready to go to this contest in Copper Mt called Hometown Heroes on April 1st.

Dennis: Gonna try to heal up, get healthy, get some acupuncture, see a Buddhist monk, climb the hilltops, go to the dessert, get down to my spiritual self and see where I’m at with my life. If that doesn’t work out, I’m gonna talk to some buddies at the NFL, do some ‘roids, see if that pays off.

3. Who’s hooking you up these days?

Kevin: Grenade, Bonfire, Scott, Mathematics Snowboards, Rvca, Vestal, Jack’s Garage. They pretty much give me a world of good shit.

Where’s Dennis?

Kevin: He’s at pump number eight. I’m at pump number one. Here he is. (hands phone to Sketchy D)

Same question to Dennis.

Dennis: We got Vestal, Grenade, Fatigue Project, One Ball Jay, Von Zipper, Gnu Snowboards, Jack’s Garage, and Atmosphere. What can I say, they keep me on the slopes—keep me goin’, I get to do what I love baby. I love them for that.

About 30 minutes later …

4. Rumor has it that you have a Grenade tattoo … tell me more.

Kevin: I have a grenade pirate ship on my forearm and when I flex it, the sails wave around like it’s about to conquer another ship. It’s like that show Pete and Pete on Nickelodeon. You know what I’m talking about?

I have no idea what you are talking about.

Kevin: Holy f—k, I just got passed by Dennis doing 90 while he was swerving at me and not even looking at the road.

5. Kevin just told me that you were swerving at him like a wild stallion. What’s that all about? Dennis: Yeah I kind of did. I did a couple of times.


Dennis: Because he thinks his truck is better than mine, so I gotta show him the trooper’s got a little balls ya know. This Bronco ain’t just for looks. It’s got some horsepower.

So is it a Bronco or a Trooper?

Dennis: It’s a Trooper, but it’s called the Bronco. It’s definitely packin’ the ponies.

6. So, you guys live with Danny Kass and the Dingo in Danny’s house, Be honest, has Danny had to install extra security measures on the house to keep young girls from beating the door down?

Kevin: Yes, actually Danny just recently purchased an English mastiff that is going to be 200 pounds that girls will either be eaten by, or be able to ride around the house on in their bra and panties.

Dennis: Umm, yeah, to tell you the truth, I just bought a wrist rocket, which is basically a high-powered slingshot. We used to have a pellet gun. That used to help, but you know, things are risky these days. We also have a big dog named Vern to keep the laddies out. Or to get them in … he’s a ladies dog.

7. So who are you (guys) shredding with these days?

Kevin: Sketchy D, umm Lane Knaack, umm, lets see who else, umm Rahm Klampert, Ahmon Stamps, oh and put Brian Regis, been riding with him a lot lately, he’s been killing it, and other members of the Grenade Posse.

Dennis: Umm, everybody. Danny (Kass), Dingo, Kevin (Casillo), Gooner. I go ride with those guys a lot.

8. Snowboarding insiders might consider you some sort of a rocker that’s out of control. How do you respond to these allegations?

Kevin: I would think that they might be true. I get wild in the streets. I don’t hold nothing back. I will empty my bags whenever I want, wherever I want.

9. You and Kevin have been shredding together for a long time. How far back do you guys go?

Dennis: Way back. We used to play on the same little league team. We were on the all-star team. I was the pitcher and he was the catcher.

So basically, you threw it in, and he was there to catch it?

Dennis: Yeah, Sometimes I’d ease it in there depending on the sign he gave me, maybe a spitball here and there, but that brown piece of cowhide was always there to catch whatever I was throwing.

I see … weird.

10. How do you want to wrap this thing up Casillo?

Kevin: I just want you to know that Dennis just passed my doing 80, windows down, in an unregistered car and expired tags. And you wonder why they call him Sketchy.