10 Questions: Jussi Tarvainen

The Finlandic, Trulli-loving, candy eating, rider has bounced around film crews for the last couple years. Along the way, he figured out the whole ‘landing in powder thing’ and has been putting in long winters working his way up the shred-ladder. He has appeared in NeoProto, Everyday Something, Futureproof, and this year, he found himself with the Mack Dawg People crew.

1. How was filming with Mack Dawg People this winter different than Absinthe?

I was happy to be back filming with close friends. I knew I was going to have fun going into this winter. Riding with friends and having fun is the most important thing--it shows in your part.

2. Have you seen your part yet?

No, they said they’d send it to me when it was done, but with the schedule they’re on--I doubt it. They’re so busy.

3. Were you pretty stoked to be able to stay in the U.S. this winter as opposed to bouncing back and forth from Finland?

Yes! I finally got an athlete visa, it took half a year to figure it out--I started working on it last summer and I got it around Christmas. I can stay here as long as I need to now.

4. So, are you kind of a big deal in Finland?

No, not really. Like, did you know that after the Olympics, Heikki Sorsa had his own McDonald’s meal. I’m not like that.

5. How’s living in So Cal?

It’s been good. I’ve been surfing a lot and getting fit for the next season. I’ve been training at Project Athlete in San Marcos. Gretchen Bleiler and other U.S. pipe riders go there. I heard about it when I was hurt at the end of the season. I called the guy and he had me come in to evaluate my weaknesses. Then he builds the program around improving those weaknesses.

6. Is it preventative or rehab?

It’s more of getting into shape--developing muscles that you need to have for snowboarding. It also concentrates on old injuries to get them up to shape. It seems like part of the job of snowboarding now is to stay healthy and get fit in the off-season.

7. Speaking of staying healthy and getting fit, are you going on the Mack Dawg movie tour this fall?

I’m mostly going on the U.S. part in California. Then hopefully to Japan--that would be a dream. Hopefully, Europe or Scandinavia, I haven’t been home for six months.

8. What else is in the cards for the rest of the “off-season?

I’m going home to Finland for a couple weeks, then I’ll be traveling to Norway and Sweden to work with Mark Gallup on a Helly Hansen photoshoot.

9. How does your girlfriend feel about that?

She’s stoked that at least I’m coming home. But, I’ve also got all this stuff like taxes and dentist visits and all these things piling up.

10. Is anyone going to recognize you with that savage So Cal tan?

Hell no!

Check out more of Jussi Tarvainen on his website: jussitarvainen.com.